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Xbox One Boss Logs 300+ Hours of Destiny

That's impressive.


Xbox One boss Phil Spencer has played more than 300 hours of Bungie's shooter Destiny. That's according to a snapshot of his player profile captured by another Xbox executive, Mike Ybarra.

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It's an impressive number for someone who travels a lot (he's been to China and Germany in the past two weeks) and is presumably incredibly busy almost all the time in his role as Head of Xbox.

Making Spencer's Destiny hour total even more remarkable is that, in fact, it's actually well above the average. Activision Blizzard announced this week that the average Destiny player has logged about 100 hours of playtime.

According to his profile on, Spencer has a level 34 Awoken Male Titan and a level 13 Exo Male Hunter. You can see more of his stats here.

It appears Spencer is indeed practicing what he preaches. Last month, the executive said the video game industry overall stands to benefit when the executives who make decisions actually play games.

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