Destiny Players Average 100 Hours of Gameplay Each

That's a lot of time spent in Destiny.


In its earnings report released today, Activision revealed that Destiny players are extremely dedicated to the game. The company stated that, on average, Destiny players have each put around 100 hours into the game.

Since its launch, developer Bungie's shooter has accumulated over 20 million registered players, Activision also revealed. All together, these players have clocked 20 billion hours in the game. This means that, breaking it down per player, Destiny players have spent over four days each in the game. And, of course, that's an average--many of those 20 million registered users stopped playing the game early, and some dedicated fans have clocked hundreds of hours in it.

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During its earnings call, Activision also reiterated its support for Destiny. The shooter is getting a new expansion, called The Taken King, that launches in September. The company stated that this expansion will be significantly bigger than the game's first two expansions, and called The Taken King a "mega-expansion."

Finally, three of Activision's properties--Destiny, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm--account for a combined player base of 70 million registered users. They are also responsible for a combined $1.25 billion in revenue. You can read more about Activision's earnings here.

The Taken King will be released on September 15. It'll be a dramatic change for the game. Bungie recently announced that it is abandoning the Light level system of ranking up, and Nolan North has been brought on to do voiceover for the in-game Ghost companion. Additionally, you won't be able to upgrade your old legendary gear in The Taken King.

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