Xbox Exec Celebrates Xbox One's Win Streak -- "Don't Call It a Comeback"

The Xbox One is "back on top."


Microsoft's Xbox One outsold Sony's PlayStation 4 in the United States in September, marking the third straight month that Microsoft's console came out on top. The Xbox One has outsold the PS4 in the past, but this is the first time this generation that the console claimed the No. 1 spot for three months in a row.

Xbox marketing executive Aaron Greenberg is thrilled about the news, sending off a few messages this week on Twitter about Microsoft's latest win. "So grateful to everyone who helped us get back on top!" he said in one tweet, using the hashtag "#DontCallitAComeback."

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In another tweet, Greenberg used only hashtags: "#Momentum #XboxOneS," he wrote.

Microsoft's latest win in September is particularly notable since that's the month when Sony launched its slimmed-down PlayStation 4 Slim model. That system, like the Xbox One S that launched in August, starts at $300.

Though the Xbox One is on a win streak, it's still likely that the PS4 is the leader in the worldwide cumulative sales race. Sony's system has sold more than 40 million units worldwide as of May, with sales projected to reach 60 million by April 2017.

Microsoft does not share Xbox One sales figures, but Xbox boss Phil Spencer said in October 2015 that Sony's lead was so large that he was unsure if the Xbox One could ever catch up. Given the new momentum around the Xbox brand, it remains to be seen if Spencer still feels that way.

Sony will launch a new console, the PS4 Pro, in November, while Microsoft's Project Scorpio system lands in holiday 2017. Microsoft believes its system is the "most powerful console ever made," and as such, its performance advantage over the PS4 Pro will be "obvious."

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