Xbox 360 BC list updated

Twenty-one more Xbox games now playable on Xbox 360; Doom 3, Lego Star Wars, Silent Hill 4 lead pack.


Early this month, Microsoft VP Peter Moore stated that "nobody is concerned anymore about backward compatibility," prompting the company's PR department into action. Moore has since retracted the statement, saying he was taken out of context.

Regardless of what was said before, it's apparent that people do still care about backward compatibility on the Xbox 360. Microsoft has announced the latest additions to its list of Xbox games run on the company's next-gen console.

Answering the prayers of many gamers, Doom 3 is now one of the 200-plus Xbox games that can be played on an Xbox 360. Also on the list are horror titles Fatal Frame and Silent Hill 4: The Room, as well as a few from a galaxy far, far away--Lego Star Wars and the original Star Wars Battlefront.

A list of all 21 games added to the list is below:

• 4x4 EVO 2
• Amped 2
• Bad Boys 2
• Big Mutha Truckers
• Doom 3
• Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
• Fatal Frame
• FlatOut
• Grabbed by the Ghoulies
• Intellivision Lives
• LEGO Star Wars
• Minority Report
• MLB SlugFest 20-04
• The Punisher
• RalliSport Challenge
• Silent Hill 4: The Room
• Spawn Armageddon
• Spider-Man
• Star Wars Battlefront
• State of Emergency
• Zapper

In addition, the following Japanese-only Xbox games are also now playable on the Xbox 360:

• Bistro Cupid 1
• Flight Academy
• Othello Seminar
• Igo Seminar
• Shogi Seminar
• Mahjong Seminar

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