MS "not done" with 360 backward compatibility

Marketing team blog starts up damage control efforts after company VP casts doubt on future of program.


Earlier this week, many Xbox 360 owners were concerned to hear Peter Moore downplaying the company's commitment to making the system backwardly compatible with more original Xbox titles.

"Nobody is concerned anymore about backward compatibility," Moore said in a Kikizo interview, adding, "More are coming...but at some point you just go 'there's enough,' or 'let's move on.'"

Now a posting on the blog of Microsoft Games' global marketing team is putting a happier face on Moore's comments and giving an update on the backward-compatibility team's progress. According to the post from team member John Porcaro, the team is testing another update for release in the next few weeks, and "it looks like they're hoping to add at least a dozen titles."

"But rest assured, we're not done yet," Porcaro continues. "We know for a fact that there are lots [emphasis theirs] of people who continue to care about backwards compatibility, including the 'Emulation Ninjas' who are working full time on the updates. And those of us posting on this blog. And, of course, many of you."

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