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WWE Releases Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Samoa Joe, And Other Wrestlers After Wrestlemania

Almost like clockwork, WWE releases several stars after Wrestlemania including former champions Samoa Joe, Billie Kay, Mickie James, and Kalisto.


In an announcement by WWE, they came to terms with the release of several stars including Samoa Joe, Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Kalisto, Mickie James, and former United States Champion Kalisto. The other stars released--so far--are Chelsea Green, Tucker, Bo Dallas, and Wesley Blake.

In typical WWE fashion, they wished them the best in their future endeavors. The company is also updating its own site as more releases break. While these releases may upset fans, many WWE superstars let go in 2020 found brighter futures at other companies.

Last year, after Wrestlemania, the company had what fans called Black Wednesday--which was also April 15--when over 20 superstars were released or furloughed. Some, like Drake Maverick, were rehired and some found new companies quickly to work for. With how the COVID-19 vaccine is being implemented, it could be better for some performers all-around.

It does come as a shock for performers like Samoa Joe or Billie Kay. Joe had been injured and moved to the commentary team. Billie had just been given a new gimmick and seemed to be over pretty well, even giving her a match at Wrestlemania.

With Joe, after the reshuffling of commentary teams, it looked like he was on the upswing and return to in-ring performing. Even WWE made sure to comment that Joe was still an "active member of the WWE roster," prior to the announcement of his release.

Wesley Blake is an interesting choice as he's been repackaged more than a few times, starting out as a tag team with Buddy Murphy, then part of the Forgotten Sons, and then one of Corbin's Knights.

This is far from the only releases that WWE has granted this year. Back in late March, WWE released former NXT and United States Champion Andrade after being off television since October. With wrestling, you're never sure who will make it out on top, but these are some talents that could still have a bright future ahead.

Stay tuned for more discussion about these releases--and any others that may occur--in an upcoming episode of Wrestle Buddies, GameSpot's professional wrestling podcast.

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