WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Results, Review, And Surprise Bray Wyatt Return

Here is everything you need to know about the WWE PPV as it airs on Peacock.


Things got very extreme the night of October 8 as the PLE/PPV Extreme Rules aired on Peacock. The biggest thing that happened during the evening was the highly-anticipated return of Bray Wyatt, and yes, he has a whole new look. You can get the details of Wyatt's return to WWE and the results for every Extreme Rules match below.

The show took place at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and some of your favorite WWE wrestlers appeared in this very streamlined event, as there were only six matches on the card. One of the most-anticipated bouts on the card was Bianca Belair defending her Raw Women's Championship against Bayley in a ladder match. Of course, we saw Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai of Damage CTRL cause problems for Belair.

There were also some huge surprises over the course of the evening. No, we didn't see someone drive a tractor to the ring again, but there have been a lot of rumors that the current White Rabbit mystery happening on WWE programming may be leading to the return of Bray Wyatt--those rumors were true.

If you're pumped for Extreme Rules in the US, and want to watch a replay, you can buy it through your satellite or cable provider, or watch it on the Peacock streaming service. And although Peacock does have a free tier, you will not be able to watch the WWE event through that. You'll need a Premium ($5 a month, with ads) or Premium Plus Peacock ($10 a month, no ads) account. Regardless of which tier you choose, there will be a few WWE-related ads throughout the show.

There are multiple ways to watch Peacock . Aside from watching it on mobile devices and a PC, you can stream the service on Amazon Fire devices, Android TV, Apple TV, LG Smart TVs, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Roku, Samsung Smart TVs, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xfinity, and more.

For those abroad watching the PPV, you still get to watch it on the WWE Network, you lucky ducks.

Match card:

  • Liv Morgan (c) vs. Ronda Rousey (Extreme Rules Match for the Smackdown Women's Championship)
  • Bianca Belair (c) vs. Bayley (Ladder Match for the Raw Women's Championship)
  • Matt Riddle vs. Seth Rollins (Inside the Fight Pit with Special Guest Referee Daniel Cormier)
  • Drew McIntyre vs. Karrion Kross (Strap Match)
  • Edge vs. Finn Bálor (I Quit Match)
  • The Brawling Brutes vs. Imperium (Six-Man Tag Team Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match)

If you want to learn more about every single bout on the card for Extreme Rules, check out this week's episode of Wrestle Buddies. This week, GameSpot's professional wrestling podcast takes an in-depth look at each bout and predicts who will win and lose. Additionally, PredictionBot 3000 v4.0 is back, making nonsensical predictions for the event.

Below, you'll find outcomes for each Extreme Rules match as it happens. Keep checking in with GameSpot over the evening as we update the results and add reviews for every match.

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Kickoff Show

The preshow begins at 4 PM PT/7 PM ET. We'll link the YouTube video below when it arrives so you can watch it live. Additional Extreme Rules card notes from the Kickoff Show will be posted below.

  • Fight Pit is main event of Extreme Rules.

Main Card

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The Brawling Brutes vs. Imperium (Six-Man Tag Team Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match)

The Brawling Brutes win by pin.

Mat: Finally, the Goode Ol' Fashioned Donnybrook Match we've all been waiting for. I hope it's as impactful as a Chicago Street Fight… or a Hollywood Backlot Brawl. Listen, we knew exactly what we were getting into with this match, regardless of what it was called. It's a bunch of chaps having a go at one another.

This match has no right to be as good as it is nor go on as long as it did. It just needed to warm up the crowd. However, we got one of the more memorable brawls in WWE history that was wildly fun. I am a little disappointed that the barrels weren't knocked over, or rolled at someone, but this was a balls to the wall battle that was a ton of fun to watch. (Chris mentioned to me the barrels being rolled at someone was done at All Out. But like, I don't care. I want it again.)

Anyway, Shane McMahon is the White Rabbit, right?


Chris: Why was there a picture of Sheamus's grandfather at ringside with the barrels and stuff? Michael Cole noted that Imperium destroyed it, but I blame Sheamus for putting it there. Anyway, this is the perfect way to kick off what looks like a show full of banger matches because it perfectly sets the tone for a wild night of action. I love how this turned into a Sheamus showcase. He was down and out, then came back and destroyed everyone in his way, including Gunther.

What's especially great about this match is it's essentially a street fight and the ringside area was filled with potential weapons, but the action was largely just these six people smacking the crap out of each other. Don't get me wrong, there were still some weapons, especially in the home stretch of the match, but so much of the physicality was done with fists that it made both teams look even stronger.

It also helps that the feud between the Brawling Brutes and Imperium is still very engaging. We want to see these people beat each other up. And the right team--the Brutes--won here. This keeps Sheamus alive as an Intercontinental Championship contender and goes to show the Brutes aren't to be messed with.


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Liv Morgan (c) vs. Ronda Rousey

(Extreme Rules Match for the Smackdown Women's Championship)

Rousey wins by submission.

Mat: So the buildup to this match was Rousey calling Morgan "Hooters Barbie" a lot. But like, isn't that kinda redundant? Now, I haven't stepped into a Hooters since literally my 18th birthday back in ye olde year of 2000, but to the best of my recollection, you had to look like Barbie to work there. That whole place was originally built on pretty women working there. It's like calling someone as an insult "Topless Chippendale's dancer."

This feels like Morgan's first PPV/PLE match where she really feels like a champ in the way she works in the ring and fights against a former champion, Rousey. There's a lot of confidence in her now, and I loved seeing Morgan have some major moments of dominating Rousey. I don't care for the Rousey win, but I really like the finish here. It doesn't make Morgan look weak, as she passed out–she didn't tap–and we're getting a heel championship run by way of Rousey.

Anyway, Bo Dallas is the White Rabbit, right?


Chris: Ronda's way of showing she's better than Liv Morgan is to slut shame her by calling her "Hooters Barbie," which is the absolute lamest insult of all time. But let's be honest, Ronda's never been a good talker.

But let's talk about this actual match. I genuinely dig that Ronda avoided weapons at first, while Liv tried to use them. I loved Liv using the fire extinguisher and that Ronda finally put the bat to work. Still, the problem with the bat is that if this was an actual baseball bat, all of their bones would be smashed, which I can only assume they're not. Swap the bat with a kendo stick and you have a much more believable moment.

Even still, this was one of the most memorable outings for both of these women in recent memory. It's not often you see Ronda pushed as a competitor, but her matches with Liv have done that, which makes Liv look even stronger as a champion. You can label them fluke wins all you want, she's done what few in WWE have been able to.

I don't think Ronda should have won here because it's more interesting to keep the title on Liv, but we don't all get what we want. Whatever the case, what's important going forward is WWE acknowledging all Liv overcame during her reign and keeping her spotlighted in a way to build her up for another shot.


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Drew McIntyre vs. Karrion Kross (Strap Match)

Kross wins by pin.

Mat: Strap in for this one! Get it? Look, the match hasn't started at the point of me writing these words, but I'm like 99.9% sure that McIntyre is going to cut the strap with his sword. Why is he still bringing that to the ring, anyway?

Normally, I write a little here and there while the match was going on, but I was really just enjoying the match. Kross is fantastic to watch wrestling, and I love hearing him talk trash to his opponents. McIntyre is very much the super babyface here that kids love to cheer for–and I'm sure plenty of adults do too. The finish with the pepper spray was a bit silly, but I guess it works here. Overall, just a solid match, but not anything to write home about. Also, McIntyre never cut the strap with his sword.

Anyway, Joe Gacy is the White Rabbit, right?


Chris: FALL AND PRAY! I love Karrion Kross. I do not love Drew McIntyre's sword nonsense. I'm also not a fan of the rules for this match. Instead of a traditional strap match, where in order to win you have to touch all four corners of the ring, this can be won via pinfall or submission only. That's not nearly as exciting.

At least they started the match with a brawl through the crowd, though, so that helps. And from there, they just beat the snot out of each other for a while, which, honestly, what more could you possibly want? Well, for one, a more satisfying ending. Granted, this cements Kross and Scarlett as serious heel threats. What's more, it means we need a rematch in some manner of match that will make sure Scarlett can't get involved. That should be fun.


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Bianca Belair (c) vs. Bayley

(Ladder Match for the Raw Women's Championship)

Bianca Belair wins.

Mat: I fully enjoy ladder matches, as a whole. It's such a simple but effective gimmick for a match. The build to this was exceptionally compelling, and my expectations were pretty high for this one.

Luckily, this match delivered the goods. Sure, I would have loved to see Bayley win the title again, pretty much to make Damage CTRL look even more dominant. There were a few great spots in the match, like Bayley tearing apart a ladder to smash Belair over and over. In the end, Belair got the win, and it works. She's been a great champion, and once again proved why she's the EST.

Anyway, Man Mountain Rock is the White Rabbit, right?


Chris: The thing I like about this match is it shows who has the ladder match experience. Bianca is constantly trying to run up the ladder, while Bayley is doing the opposite. Instead of trying to grab the title, she's wearing Bianca down, which would make for an easier eventual climb. She's being slow and methodical about it.

This was a great match, full of excellent moments. That said, I don't love the ending. Don't get me wrong, I've been a massive fan of Bianca as champion, but it feels like time for a change has come. Plus, watching the babyface chase a heel champion is always infinitely more interesting than having it the other way. Bianca has gone through practically everyone, so if Bayley isn't the one to dethrone her, who is? And what does this say about Damage CTRL, a disrupting force that was unable to actually disrupt the women's division here?


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Edge vs. Finn Bálor (I Quit Match)

Edge quits.

Mat: Is Peacock cross-promoting the new Hellraiser movie on Hulu? I'm not mad at it though. Just making very dumb jokes. "I Quit" matches can be a bit of a mixed bag, since they tend to be exceptionally slow and brooding--or someone is using pliers on someone else's piercings, and it's weird. You hear me, HHH?

I do like that it took quite a while for the rest of Judgment Day to pop up in the match and not just muck things up the entire bout. And they came at the perfect time, after a long, brooding--no pun intended--battle between Edge and Finn. Great seeing more development of Dominik Guerrero (more like Dominik Ripley now since Rhea is his daddy, though). For as awkward as the Judgment Day stuff started, this has been a great match.

Let's talk the finish. Judgment Day gets Edge to quit by threatening to hit Beth Phoenix with a chair in the head. It is the perfect finish for this match. Edge doesn't look weak, as he's doing what's best for the love of his life. And Judgment Day looks even more heelish, with ultra-heat thanks to threatening to chairshot Edge's wife.

HOWEVER, WWE, you need to stop it with the canned boos and cheers. It's exceptionally annoying, especially during the finish of this match.

Anyway, the Artist Formerly Known as Prince Iaukea is the White Rabbit, right?


Chris: I certainly did not expect Finn Balor to walk to the ring wearing a spiked gimp mask. But I'm also not against it. Plus his evil theme song is a banger.

It should be no surprise that this match was awesomely brutal. These two are the goods and I Quit matches are often a blast. So having them beat each other up all over the arena was just good fun. Edge bringing a hockey stick into the brawl was perfectly Canadian.

Judgment Day's involvement in this was very good, and Rhea handcuffing Edge to the ring is pretty genius, honestly. And it all came at the right time. We got to see Edge and Finn brutalize each other for a good, long stretch before the shenanigans began. I also always love getting to see Dominic beat up the man who is is not his father--remember, Eddie Guerrero is actually his dad.

Beth Phoenix was a welcome surprise because, oh man, do I wanna see Rhea Ripley vs. Beth in any kind of match. These two were made to face each other. And can we talk for a second about how into all of this the crowd was? They're on fire for everything happening here--including the, like, 15 spears Edge hit on Finn. And having Judgment Day use Beth as the distraction to get the jump on Edge was fantastic, as was using threats against her to get Edge to quit (and hey, this was predicted on Wrestle Buddies).

There was a lot of silliness in this match with all of the shenanigans, but it all absolutely worked for me. So far, this is my match of the night. And we got a conchairto to go.


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Matt Riddle vs. Seth Rollins (Inside the Fight Pit with Special Guest Referee Daniel Cormier)

Riddle wins by submission.

Mat: Matt Riddle's AR snake with a sideways hat on may be the dumbest thing I've seen this week. Anway, unlike Chris, I'm excited about Daniel Cormier because I used to watch him fight in UFC. Special guest refs are always fun.

So I mentioned my excitement for Cormier, but then, he got involved… too involved. Right off the bat, he breaks up something going on and tells the wrestler "You're not here to fight me," like some weird motivational speaker.

So… um… Riddle jumped off the top of the pit onto Rollins and it is one of the most painful-looking spots of the evening. Then, the match was over quickly after that. There was no breathing room after that moment. Seemed like a weird finish. It was a highly enjoyable match overall, but I wanted a little bit more.

Anyway, the lights go out after, "He's got the whole world in his hands" is creepily sung, and a bunch of the characters from Firefly Funhouse appear. Then, we see The Fiend for a split second. There's a video that plays next of the Firefly Funhouse all disheveled and a weird video plays on a TV of a person in a white mask. We then get to see Bray Wyatt's new look, with the white mask on. The mask is removed, and it's Wyatt.


Chris: FIGHT PIT! FIGHT PIT! FIGHT PIT! Let's GO! I don't watch MMA, so I honestly don't have anything to say about Daniel Cormier being the referee tonight. The ref should have very little involvement in the Fight Pit. And besides, the idea, as Mat puts it, that "special guest refs are always fun" is wrong. Sorry, Mat. Guest referees are great if they're part of the storyline. This is just unnecessary stunt casting.

If you haven't seen a Fight Pit match before, this was essentially NXT's pandemic innovation. And it's a fantastic match type. Also, I love Seth's RVD tribute gear. No better place than Philly to pay homage to ECW.

Early in the match, Cormier was way too involved, pulling the wrestlers off each other. Thankfully, that didn't last too long and instead the match focused on Seth and Riddle inflicting pain on each other. I must say, I was also very surprised by how dominant Rollins was in the early parts of the match. Given Riddle has the Fight Pit experience, I expected him to be the man to beat early on.

What a fun match, though. Seriously. Riddle's Floating Bro from the top of the Fight Pit was a thing of beauty, the two trading finishers, Rollins' trash talking Cormier. It all worked extremely well for me. And Seth tapping out, giving Riddle the win, was the absolute right call for this particular match. What an excellent outing from these two men.

And then, the Bray stuff started with real-life versions of the Funhouse characters. This is, honestly, so freaking good. Seeing the dilapidated Funhouse is such a cool visual. And getting the return of the maskless Bray Wyatt is an excellent touch--though he does still have a mask some of the time, it seems, and it looks very inspired by the movie Black Phone. It's smart of WWE to just give us the confirmation and a taste of Wyatt for now, because Raw is not unmissable.


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