Watch The Super Nintendo World Nintendo Direct Presentation Here

The presentation is entirely focused on the Japanese Super Nintendo World park.


With little warning, Nintendo announced a special version of its Nintendo Direct presentations to air today, December 18. Rather than focus on upcoming games, this 15-minute video will be entirely about Super Nintendo World, the first-ever Nintendo theme park opening at Universal Studios Japan. You can watch the entire presentation right here and long for the day when you can finally have a real Mario Kart race.

The presentation begins today, December 18, at 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET, and we have embedded it below for your convenience. Be sure to set a reminder so you don't forget to head on back and see what Nintendo and Universal Studios Japan have been working on.

Super Nintendo World, at least the Japanese version, will feature an enormous version of Bowser's menacing castle as well as Piranha Plants, coin blocks, Thwomps, and many of the other characters and items you expect from the Mushroom Kingdom. Along with a full Mario Kart theme park ride, there is also a Yoshi ride. It's scheduled to open early next year and there will be a Mario-themed cafe and gift shop, as well. The cafe looks like a pharmacy, but we wouldn't trust Dr. Mario to fulfill a prescription.

Unique versions of the park will be coming to Orlando and Hollywood in the future. We don't have firm dates for those yet, but we're eagerly waiting to book our tickets.

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