Super Nintendo World Is Opening In Japan In Spring 2021

Universal Studios Japan is getting a Mario Cafe much sooner.


Super Nintendo World, the new theme park section from Nintendo and Universal Studios, is opening at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka in Spring 2021. Nintendo made the announcement on Twitter while adding that a new Mario cafe and store would be coming to Universal Studios Japan on October 16.

While theme parks in California are still shut down, Universal Studios Japan reopened back in June after the country's state of emergency was lifted. The park requires that guests wear masks and have their temperature taken when entering. Universal Studios Japan's version of Super Nintendo Land was intended to launch alongside the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, but the opening has been delayed due to the pandemic.

We got an early glimpse of the park back in May when aerial shots were shared on Instagram. We could see Peach's castle, various warp pipes and blocks, and even a Yoshi ride similar to Fantasy Land where park-goers take the green dinosaur for a spin. No other rides, besides the previously confirmed Yoshi and Mario Kart rides, have been announced.

Super Nintendo Land is also set to come to the Singapore, Orlando, and Hollywood Universal Parks, each with unique rides, although little information about those parks has been released. Construction has been ongoing at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Theme parks in Orlando have reopened since June, but parks in Southern California, including Universal Studios and Disneyland, remained closed due to the pandemic. You can still go for a visit to Disneyland in Animal Crossing, though.

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