Watch Far Cry Primal's 101 Trailer to Learn What It's All About

Far Cry Primal arrives later this month on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


With just a couple weeks to go before the release of Ubisoft's Stone Age action game Far Cry Primal, the company has posted a "Survival 101" video for it that covers the game's high points. In the five-minute video, you'll learn about its weapons, animals, abilities, and enemy tribes. Check out the video immediately below, while further down you'll find an interview we conducted with one of the game's directors.

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After watching this trailer, we had some questions about what we saw and more. We connected with narrative director Jean-Sebastien Decant, who shed some more light on Primal's historical accuracy, its "richer and deeper" crafting system, and more. Check out our interview below.

I saw a tiger pee on a guy...? Is that tactical, like in Metal Gear Solid V's horse poop? Or just a gag?

It's not tactical, what you saw was the tiger interacting with its environment. I can't stress enough the fact that when we build worlds in Far Cry, we want players to feel like things happen even if they are not looking, because it's true! We build systems in the world that interact with each other and produce chain reactions that make the world believable and alive. Just as you saw the tiger pee on an enemy, you could find it bringing dead bodies of the enemy to you after battle. This is part of the tiger's behavior once it is tamed, if it is not tamed, however, it will take his prays to higher ground and feed on them.

Is the crafting system complex? Or is it streamlined for weapon upgrades only?

Yes! It goes beyond weapons. Our crafting system in Far Cry Primal is richer and deeper than any other Far Cry so far. You will start to craft everything from scratch using the different resources available to you in the world. Crafting goes from weapons to medicine to traps.

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Previous Far Cry games have included plenty of vehicles like boats and gyrocopters. Considering the setting, is there an equivalent for travel (or fast travel) here?

You will be able to ride mammoths, bears, and the fastest of all: the sabretooth tiger. We also have fast travel to and from different points in the world.

How historically accurate are the weapons? I think at one point we see a "bee bomb"?

In Far Cry Primal we tried to be as accurate as possible with the setting; that's why we created three different languages, we made sure that the topography of the world had a logic behind it and many of the behaviors and the life that happens in the world plays along with what we believe happened back then.

Now, when it comes to gameplay, weapons and certain aspects of the animals we definitely pushed the envelope and took some liberties so we could give a Far Cry feel to the place we built, but we always had a historical rational behind it. Let’s take our Beast Master feature for example: it is widely accepted that one of the key moments in the history of mankind was when humans where able to tame wolves and use them to hunt prey. We then took this idea and crank the dial up and allowed players to have fun petting sabretooth tigers and using cave bears as their personal tanks!

This is the first Far Cry without guns; what kind of response/feedback have you heard from fans? Clearly, guns don't make sense in BC times, but what are you hearing from fans?

So far the response has been fantastic, I can't wait for players to dive into the game and play around with what we have put together for them!

How did you go about animating animals that are extinct?

Today one of the main tools we have to work with when it comes to understand the animals that roam the world back then are bones, and it's amazing what experts on the field can deduct from just them. We used all the information available to tackle animation and obviously had to adapt to the realities of navigation of the AI; having animals like the elder mammoth which is around twice the size of the regular mammoth forced us to adjust the navigation systems used by the AI and we also had to adapt the structure of the flora & trees to make sure they had enough space. Imagine the first time we started to populate our world with these huge beasts!


Far Cry Primal launches February 23 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a release for PC to come on March 1.

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