Watch Far Cry Primal's 101 Trailer to Learn What It's All About

Far Cry Primal arrives later this month on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


With just a couple weeks to go before the release of Ubisoft's Stone Age action game Far Cry Primal, the company has posted a "Survival 101" video for it that covers the game's high points. In the five-minute video, you'll learn about its weapons, animals, abilities, and enemy tribes. Check out the video immediately below, while further down you'll find an interview we conducted with one of the game's directors.

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After watching this trailer, we had some questions about what we saw and more. We connected with narrative director Jean-Sebastien Decant, who shed some more light on Primal's historical accuracy, its "richer and deeper" crafting system, and more. Check out our interview below.

I saw a tiger pee on a guy...? Is that tactical, like in Metal Gear Solid V's horse poop? Or just a gag?

It's not tactical, what you saw was the tiger interacting with its environment. I can't stress enough the fact that when we build worlds in Far Cry, we want players to feel like things happen even if they are not looking, because it's true! We build systems in the world that interact with each other and produce chain reactions that make the world believable and alive. Just as you saw the tiger pee on an enemy, you could find it bringing dead bodies of the enemy to you after battle. This is part of the tiger's behavior once it is tamed, if it is not tamed, however, it will take his prays to higher ground and feed on them.

Is the crafting system complex? Or is it streamlined for weapon upgrades only?

Yes! It goes beyond weapons. Our crafting system in Far Cry Primal is richer and deeper than any other Far Cry so far. You will start to craft everything from scratch using the different resources available to you in the world. Crafting goes from weapons to medicine to traps.

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Previous Far Cry games have included plenty of vehicles like boats and gyrocopters. Considering the setting, is there an equivalent for travel (or fast travel) here?

You will be able to ride mammoths, bears, and the fastest of all: the sabretooth tiger. We also have fast travel to and from different points in the world.

How historically accurate are the weapons? I think at one point we see a "bee bomb"?

In Far Cry Primal we tried to be as accurate as possible with the setting; that's why we created three different languages, we made sure that the topography of the world had a logic behind it and many of the behaviors and the life that happens in the world plays along with what we believe happened back then.

Now, when it comes to gameplay, weapons and certain aspects of the animals we definitely pushed the envelope and took some liberties so we could give a Far Cry feel to the place we built, but we always had a historical rational behind it. Let’s take our Beast Master feature for example: it is widely accepted that one of the key moments in the history of mankind was when humans where able to tame wolves and use them to hunt prey. We then took this idea and crank the dial up and allowed players to have fun petting sabretooth tigers and using cave bears as their personal tanks!

This is the first Far Cry without guns; what kind of response/feedback have you heard from fans? Clearly, guns don't make sense in BC times, but what are you hearing from fans?

So far the response has been fantastic, I can't wait for players to dive into the game and play around with what we have put together for them!

How did you go about animating animals that are extinct?

Today one of the main tools we have to work with when it comes to understand the animals that roam the world back then are bones, and it's amazing what experts on the field can deduct from just them. We used all the information available to tackle animation and obviously had to adapt to the realities of navigation of the AI; having animals like the elder mammoth which is around twice the size of the regular mammoth forced us to adjust the navigation systems used by the AI and we also had to adapt the structure of the flora & trees to make sure they had enough space. Imagine the first time we started to populate our world with these huge beasts!


Far Cry Primal launches February 23 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a release for PC to come on March 1.

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" it is widely accepted that one of the key moments in the history of mankind was when humans where able to tame wolves and use them to hunt prey."

No you took that from ARK.

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This trailer had me laughing at the wolf teabagging the guy you just killed by cocking his leg up and peeeing on him …lol the FPS player's nightmare when the guy who just killed you starts squatting over your corpse brandishing his dangly bits :)

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the only problem that i see right now is the huge amount of publicity that ubisoft is putting out for this game, every week i see a new add, the game will lost focus logistically speaking, i understand that a product needs to be known, but they invest too much money on marketing.

Avatar image for andre_borges73

this game looks more like lords of rings (last game). it's very dark color paled, but with far cry gameplay techniques

Avatar image for andre_borges73

but i see far cry developers trying to fresh it up with themes we don't see usually in gaming nowadays. i think far cry series is the best game of ubisoft, far cry 4 was the worst game, but other games of ubisoft are having far worst projects than far cry (assassin creed, splinter shell). Yeah ubisoft is trying to be more like ea, because they make more money than the others, but what ea is doing is bad for long terms, because they starting to lose popularity for their bad games, and even gamers are starting to buy less and less games for that reasons.

Avatar image for andre_borges73

these guys are the worst in story, the bow technology in neolithic age ? the bow tech is not that old (human story),

Avatar image for itchyflop

i like the way its been reinvented, but i feel maybe they could focus on other areas in game like dynamic weather, its essentially far cry without guns etc

Avatar image for reviewlies

Everything else is 'meh', bad or copy/pasted from FC3. Nothing to look here, just another Ubishit title.its very clear. i never play far cry and i see. thanks man.

Avatar image for buschdeluxe

Reserve is the new pre-order!

Avatar image for flames325

This game just looks horrible if it had coop would had been worth a rental now it's a pass all the way around.I'll be picking up Plants vs Zombies 2 on the XOne on the 23rd sorry ubisoft you guys have to do better than this

Avatar image for FBohler

So much hate towards this game. I think it looks like a whole lot of fun!

Avatar image for feleas

@FBohler: Why are people hating on this game so much? It's pretty cool, especially with how it focuses on a pre-history type setting instead of the usual medieval, modern, or futuristic settings we normally see.

Avatar image for 129260

@FBohler: agreed

Avatar image for silversix_

Facial animations look good. Everything else is 'meh', bad or copy/pasted from FC3. Nothing to look here, just another Ubishit title.

Avatar image for connorman01

"'Fresh and exciting!' - Hardcore Gamer"

Lol yeah okay. So fresh that they reused 90% of the animations and mechanics from far cry 3 and the ones that are new are choppy and look cheap (somehow they even managed to make some of the old ones choppy too!)

Avatar image for jdlok

Why would you need to learn any gameplay systems when Ubishit puts EVERY single thing on the map with an icon? I hate ubisoft.

Avatar image for interxboxfirm

Everyone knows this games is going to look and play so much better on Xbox One

Avatar image for jdlok

@interxboxfirm: Next time you're going to try trolling, try changing your handle first, dork.

Avatar image for interxboxfirm

@jdlok: what handle is that then?

Avatar image for fursecu

there are two kinds of people: people who first will complain but eventually, they'll buy and play the game and people who will not complain, and buy and play the game

Avatar image for DeKuip

@fursecu: You are wrong!

Avatar image for thomasn7

Looks intriguing but I can sense lots of go fetch and kill quests in this game. That might be a game breaker for me.

Avatar image for archav3n

i got no idea but it looks pretty bland. seems like their open world games are just rehashes and copy and pasta.

Avatar image for jeebs213

this looks great. didn't need another far cry open-world shooter. looking forward to some bear ridin'!

Avatar image for Zacmaccraken

And again no weather!!!!!

Avatar image for rob_handlery

@Zacmaccraken: Not extreme whether... there were some atmospheric changes like morning mist and fog during the night from the beta. But yeah, don't remember there being rain though...

Avatar image for CrusaderForever

@Zacmaccraken: Yeah, this is disappointing. My guess is that they wanted to max out the graphical quality and realism.

Avatar image for Kain0067

Year after year people complain that Ubi is just releasing the same game over and over... then they go and make something totally different (in theme and setting anyway - a lot of the mechanics look very similar), a time setting that almost no major games have used before in the history of video games - and people complain about no guns. Well hopefully it's two different groups of complainers, and not the same people complaining about both.

Avatar image for hecatonchires

@Kain0067: It's mostly 2 different groups of complainers. There's the ones who obsess over guns and explosions and liked how much chaos and destruction was possible in previous FC games. These ones hate FC primal because they just want/like guns and explosions.

Then there's the ones who liked the survival/stealth aspect. These one's, like me, are more likely to welcome the changes made in FC primal. Nevertheless, some of them have noticed how much assets and animations have been reused (or copy-pasted) from FC3/4 and call BS on people who say FC primal is completely new. Some are completely turned off by the amount of copy-paste. I'm not turned off, but for the same reason I'm far to be as hyped as I should be.

In other words, there's the ones who think they made too much change by removing the guns and there's the ones who see that the formula hasn't been changed that much.

Avatar image for Utnayan

The only thing that can possibly save this is if the story is we all wiped each other out in one large war, we have reverted back to Caveman days, and halfway through the story, we find an entire weapons stash to take out all the other tribes and the other tribes are collectively crapping their pants because they have never seen such weaponry. Like the movie the Final Countdown where the USS Nimitz went back in time through a wormhole, landed in December 6th 1941, the day before Pearl Harbor, and we watched two F-14 Tomcats against 2 Japanese Zeros who were crapping their pants when they saw these new awesome jets.

Other than that, all the feeedback I have seen from most everyone in various internet communities are not fired up at all, or positive, about having age / history related spears, arrows, melee. They reskinned a jeep and made it into a sabertooth tiger? That's good at least there is something. Although not enough. Now if you told me that Teradactyls were controllable for air flight, or being able to control a T-Rex and attack a tribe and eat them all for lunch? That would be considered effort in my book. Animals have been peeing on things since FC3. It does absolutely nothing for the game itself because there are not any gameplay elements behind it.

Sale... Sale... Sale. Remember folks, 15 months in the rekin oven for this. So not expect anything but more terrible Ubisoft rehashes/Reskins/Low cost development to maximize profit off Far Cry before they reinvent the IP.

Avatar image for Rufus_the_rat

@Utnayan: Why is a T-Rex effort? You'd just accuse them of ripping off Ark Survial Evolved or Dino Riders or somesuch. I much prefer the historical setting. Man and dinos did not co-exist and it's always pretty lame when they're put together in B grade movies and games.

Avatar image for moose-fitz

Looks interesting. Will probably be buying it.

Avatar image for blprater

@moose-fitz: Not trying to be negative but after the leaked video I saw from a tester, he recommended to wait. I have to agree with his assessment if what he claims is true about this game. I was very high on getting it but after watching the video, it seems that there are some major concerns. I applaud UBI for doing something different in the FC series but my major issue with Primal is the lack of content and how boring it becomes. Again, all of this was based on this one testers opinion but I personally will be waiting. One that stood out was his comment that this should be considered more of a DLC and not a full game.

Avatar image for moose-fitz

@blprater: yeah waiting on a product you're not 100% sold on is always a good move.

Avatar image for berserker66666

It's all about the downgrade and rehashed gameplay from last know, the Ubishit way.

Avatar image for KILLEDbCRITICAL

Sounds like Adam Jensen is narrating this. lol

Sadly not even Jensen can make me hyped for this game.

Avatar image for MuffintopX

Primal has been off my radar until I watched this video, but now I am definitely interested. It's clearly not as hyped as 4, evidenced by needing a video to tell us what it is about, but that's not necessarily bad. I really liked 4, and this looks like a lot of fun to play using the same building blocks. Keep the bow, substitute guns for even more gruesome melee (hope the finishers are awesome), plus pets! I'm keeping my eye on it because I bet it's going to be underrated.

Avatar image for Alecmrhand

---This is the first Far Cry without guns; what kind of response/feedback have you heard from fans? Clearly, guns don't make sense in BC times, but what are you hearing from fans?

"So far the response has been fantastic, I can't wait for players to dive into the game and play around with what we have put together for them!"

Not sure i buy it. Im looking forward to hearing what people think about Primal, but i cant imagine it has the wide audience appeal that past Far Crys' have had. Its not like they are changing the game play, just removing many of the options for tackling it.

I also have doubts about whether people will connect with the main character. Can anyone relate to a caveman?

I wasnt a big fan of the hunting aspects of past versions of Far Cry.....seems like that is a large part of Primal.

Im hoping for a big reveal, like the story is actually set in futuristic New Jersey.....and the animals are all robots from mars.

Avatar image for sscott0829tw

@Alecmrhand: Wait until the reviews,this game innovate from previous far cry,but not sure if it is a good thing or bad thing.

It sucks that they take away PVP and co-op.But if the story and gameplay is good enough,I will still buy it

Avatar image for blprater

@sscott0829tw: I agree. See the link to the video below.

Avatar image for bungholio

Not worth it