Watch Amazing Drummer Turn Smash Bros. Match Into Beautiful Jazz

The musician follows the match on his drums, hitting his cymbals, snare, and tom-toms as the players land hits.


People on YouTube cover video game music all the time, but it isn't every day you see a musician cover an actual fighting game match. Well, Jazz drummer Andrew Barhite did just that and played an entire Super Smash Bros. Melee match on his kit.

Posted by YouTuber Caleb Goss, Barhite uses the ride cymbal to carry you through the match, while utilizing his crash cymbal, snare drum, and tom-toms to signify the landed hits. The muted ride cymbal when Star Fox shoots his laser gun is particularly creative. You can see it for yourself in the video below.

The drum arrangement was "composed" by Adam Lindgren and is based on a January 2015 VGBootCamp match between himself (Armada) and Leffen. The match ends with Lindgren winning by knocking Fox off the stage, while Barhite ends the song with one final jazz lick.

Although it's uncommon, Barhite isn't the only person playing music to video games. Last year, there was a video of a man playing Mario Kart as a rock band accompanied the gameplay.

If you're interested in seeing more drum covers, there's this Sonic the Hedgehog "Green Hill Zone" one that makes the classic song a little heavier and a cover of a song from Destiny as well.

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