Warcraft Movie Behind-the-Scenes Video Shows How They Made Characters Fly

The only way to fly.

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World of Warcraft

The epic Warcraft movie based on Blizzard's long-enduring franchise isn't due out on physical discs until September 27, but we have a sneak peek at one of the special features included in the final version. Check out the behind-the-scenes video above to see how the special effects artists on the film created the life-like Gryphon flying mounts.

In addition to the full feature previewed above, the Blu-ray will also comes with a motion comic and a featurette on wax Warcraft figures, and both the Blu-ray and DVD versions will include additional deleted scenes, gag reels, and an in-depth look at the facial capture technology.

The film received mixed reviews on release in the US, but its success overseas ensured that, not only was the movie profitable, it beat Star Wars 7 at the Chinese box office. In GameSpot's Warcraft film review, editor Zorine Te wrote, "Warcraft is crafted for the enjoyment of its video game fans. The Warcraft universe serves as more than just tacked-on references in this fantasy film, it is the heart of its story, characters, and cinematic style."

For even more Warcraft news, check out our feature looking at how the new Demon Hunter hero class for the recently released World of Warcraft Legion expansion has drastically changed the current game.

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