Warcraft Is Beating Star Wars 7 at Chinese Box Office

The game adaptation has opened in China to record-breaking results.


Warcraft is proving to be a monster hit in China. The game adaptation has grossed a massive $46 million in its opening day on release and is on course to become one of the biggest Hollywood films ever released there.

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The Duncan Jones-directed fantasy epic has opened better than Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which made around $33 million on its first day. As reported by Variety, it is the biggest non-weekend launch in Chinese box office history, easily beating the previous record holder, 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron. The site states that Warcraft could earn as much as $150 in its first five days of release.

Although the movie is yet to open in the US, it has been on release for several weeks in some foreign territories, where it has so far earned a total of $121 million. The international market has become increasingly important for big budget Hollywood films in recent years, with much of a movie's budget recouped overseas.

In the US, Warcraft is not expected to perform nearly as well. It opens this weekend and might only pull in $25 million in its first three days. In comparison, 2014's Godzilla was made on a similar budget--around $160 million--and made $93 million in its opening weekend.

GameSpot's review of Warcraft states that it is "crafted for the enjoyment of its video game fans."

The review continues: "The Warcraft universe serves as more than just tacked-on references in this fantasy film, it is the heart of its story, characters, and cinematic style. It is unfortunate that despite its faithful recreation of the game, several solid weaknesses prevent it from being a well-rounded film."

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