Vic Ireland resurfaces with Gaijinworks

Former Working Designs head readies next project; "game-related news" expected this summer.


As the president of the now-defunct niche publisher Working Designs, Victor Ireland was prone to making headlines as much for his outspoken opinions as for his games. He's making headlines again as the Web site for his new project has surfaced, but there's little indication as to what exactly it has to do with games.

At the moment, Gaijinworks ("gaijin" is a Japanese term meaning "foreigner") contains nothing more than a gear-shaped logo and a webmaster e-mail address. Ireland told GameSpot that he should have "some game-related news" this summer, with the site going live in the late summer or early fall.

While there aren't any concrete details about exactly what Gaijinworks is or what it's working on, there are hints. Ireland said he would like to help bring Japanese Xbox 360 role-playing games to the US when he announced the death of Working Designs last year. On top of that, the meta tags (keywords that search engines look for on a site) on the Gaijinworks Web page include a number of telling terms, such as "japanese role-playing game," "xbox 360," "anime," "playstation," "import games," and "localization." They also include the phrases, "11 is over" and "one nation under games."

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