Ubisoft's Xbox One Games Still Not Outselling 360's

PlayStation 4 editions of Ubisoft games outperforming both Microsoft consoles combined.


Ubisoft has revealed that its Xbox One games are still not outselling those released on Microsoft’s last-gen platform, the Xbox 360.

The Paris-based publishing giant told its investors on Thursday that, during the three-month period between April and June, the Xbox One editions of its games represented about 11 percent of total software revenue. By comparison, the Xbox 360 also represented about 11 percent of Ubisoft’s game sales, as did the PlayStation 3. These figures come despite Ubisoft’s biggest game in the past six months, Assassin’s Creed Unity, not shipping on last-gen systems.

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In a further indication of Microsoft’s steep challenge on the market, the PlayStation 4 versions of Ubisoft’s games accumulated more revenue than the Xbox One and Xbox 360 combined, at 27 percent.

Microsoft still has many years ahead to generate stronger momentum for the Xbox One, but presently, Ubisoft’s numbers will make a convincing argument to third-party publishers that PlayStation 4 has become the lead console.

In the past 18 months, a growing number of publishers have announced exclusivity deals with Sony, on franchises such as Street Fighter 5, Destiny, and Call of Duty.

Ubisoft has also revealed to investors that the Wii and the Wii U represented a total of three percent of software sales combined; a figure that is up two percent year-on-year.

PC game sales represent 23 percent, meanwhile, which is significantly higher than last year.

Overall, Ubisoft’s executive team announced a sharp plunge in revenue for the quarter, down 73 percent to $103 million. This figure was, nevertheless, higher than Ubisoft had projected.

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