Ubisoft "Working Hard" To Fix Assassin's Creed Unity Crash Bug

In the meantime, publisher provides a temporary workaround for issue affecting all platforms.


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Ubisoft has identified one of the issues causing open-world action Assassin's Creed Unity to crash, and has now provided a set of instructions you can follow to get around the problem.

In a post on the Unity Live Updates page, Ubisoft said the issue affects all versions of the game and is triggered at the main menu after players press the Continue button. Ubisoft says it is "working hard" on a final fix for the crash issue, but in the meantime it has published details for a workaround you can follow.

You can take the following steps to prevent a crash:

  • If you already have GAME CONTACTS, perform the following to remove them: My Brotherhood > My Contacts > Game Contacts (using RB/R1) > Focus on a Contact (LS) > More Actions (Y/Triangle) > Remove from contacts.

Players who continue to experience the Unity crash bug after following the above instructions are asked to reach out to Ubisoft through the company's support website.

Following Unity's release last week, players reported a number of technical issues, and Ubisoft has been quick to respond. The company has fixed some of these, including the "No Face" bug, while it is still investigating frame rate issues. Unity's troubled launch has led to Ubisoft announcing last week that it will change its policies with regards to how it operates with critics and gamers alike.

For more on Unity, check out GameSpot's review and what other critics are saying.

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Avatar image for chunkbasker

Too late. Done with Ubisoft period. Nothing they can do can get me back. Burned your bridges quite awhile ago.

Avatar image for el_pres

The funny thing is... Warner Bros can publish Batman-Arkham City by Rocksteady & Shadow Of Mordor by Monolith on all major platforms (both open world games no less complex or pretty than ACU), not only without any serious problems, but also (to my knowledge) not a single patch was ever necessary for Batman-Arkham City & I'm willing to bet the same will go for Shadow Of Mordor.

As a PC gamer I gave up on Ubisoft years ago, not just because it's not worth the effort to try & get one of their games to run properly, but basically everything they've developed in-house since the first Assassins Creed is rubbish. The premise is always cool: high tech ninja/soldier, open world playground; but the amount of technical problems & design brain-farts always overwhelm them.

Avatar image for burn6

we should boycott Ubisoft Games and let them pay for misleading us. we should demand a refund. There should be law that should prohibit big corporate schmucks like Ubisoft on ripping off the gamers for their financial gains. Lesson learned, I am saying No to Ubisoft! join me and refuse to be a victim of UPF, Ubisoft Product FAIL. For the Revolution! (pun intended :D)

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

Did you pay money for an unfinished game? Are you so dumb as to do it again when the next Assassin's Creed comes out (probably in 6 months)?

Avatar image for UbiTricked

If only we could count on the support, but this is useless. I tried for a few problems, and invariably got unhelpful replies 4-5 days later, asking questions that were answered in the OP. After a few iteration, you just give up.

Avatar image for niwi99

i haven't had anny big bugs yet besides getting frozen in mid air... i have however experiensed a lot of crashes and i have only been playing the game for about 4 hours :/ ''money well spent''

Avatar image for justerthought

The online coop does not work for me at all. When I invite player, no friends list comes up, if I try to join a coop match it searches for players forever and if I try to create a club I get a server error. I eventually gave up. I have better things to do with my gaming time than waste time on this rubbish.

It's a shame because AC Unity is actually a great game with lots of detail and it's fun to play. Nothing is a chore anymore so that's good. It's sad that they could not hit 1080p on PS4 but the anti-aliasing is quite good, smoothing the jaggies a bit. The frame rate isn't too bad even when running through crowds, but there is the odd judder in certain places that makes the game appear bust which spoils the fun. The judder is not crowd related.

These issues should have been fixed before release, but they were up against Far Cry 4 and GTAV at Christmas so they decided to rush it out first no matter what. I think they should have let that go to spend another year optimising and getting the PS4 GPU direct compute up and running to help the weak CPU.

Ubisoft say they are working on the issues so I've stopped playing the game until they fix it. Far Cry 4 and GTAV are superior games anyway. If they don't fix it and the fact that they failed to optimise the PS4, I will not buy any more in the AC series. I definitely won't be pre-ordering the next. I'll wait for the reviews and spec tests. AC3 on PS3 runs better than ACU on PS4. That should never ever be the case and just goes to show the devs have just run the PS4 into a wall with big ambitions and not fully optimised it properly.

Avatar image for jigar7

"Players who continue to experience the Unity crash bug after following the above instructions are asked to reach out to Ubisoft through the company's << LINK REMOVED >>."

Yeah right... I'd have more luck contacting a cow for support

Ubi support team is a f***king joke... incompetent f**ks!

Avatar image for jtuam101

Next gen starts.........................*10 fps*...............................HERE.

Avatar image for DefconRave

AC: Unity, the turd that keeps on smelling.

Avatar image for justerthought


And you cannot polish a turd because it gets very messy …lol

Avatar image for Martyr77

That's ok. I am going to "work hard" to ensure I never buy an Ubisoft game again.

Avatar image for HAZCHEM88

As if they didn't already know the game was broken at release. I hate when companies do this crap.

Avatar image for g_vakarian

Game is broken but get's a 7/10 from Gamespot. Really are people supposed to take those reviews seriously?

Avatar image for dr_josh

Or you could have...oh I don't know, "worked hard" to make sure you published a finished f'ing game.

Avatar image for Saidrex

<< LINK REMOVED >> yeah, instead of those 15 hours a day should have worked all 20.

Avatar image for HAZCHEM88

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Oh please. Just because they're in an office that long doesn't mean they work that long.

Avatar image for crujoness

<< LINK REMOVED >> It sound like you'd happily be at the office for 15 hours a day, because you know you wouldn't be working every single minute of that 15.

Avatar image for chunkbasker

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Worked 20 hours a day quite a bit overseas in the military. It sucks but we did our shit right and probably wouldn't live long doing such halfassed jobs as these schmucks. No excuses.

Avatar image for mrnkhan

Still waiting for official consumer version! any idea when ubisoft going to release the full game?

Avatar image for seanwil545

You mean...they can't blame this one on pirated copies?

Avatar image for Barighm

So instead of just testing their games, they now give us a list of instructions on how to avoid certain bugs and what to do when the game does glitch.

Avatar image for rumadbrah

Quanity over Quality is Ubisofts philosophy.

Avatar image for STARKKASH

After update will there be a complete edition which comes with all fixes included in setup......

Avatar image for m_nay2008

Hope so

Avatar image for elheber

I have a new idea: What if game companies (and I know this next part might seem strange at first) finish their games BEFORE they release them? *pulls up flame shield*

Avatar image for zoopsat

really sucks that arent giving refunds. I dont even want this broke game anymore. If I paid $60 dollars for anything else and it didnt work I'd get a refund.

Avatar image for Martyr77

<< LINK REMOVED >> It is anti-consumer.

Avatar image for drysprocket

Sure Ubisoft....we totally believe everything you say.

Avatar image for tsunami2311

Ubisoft much like EA need to learn to Q/A the game properly and release then WHEN THERE READY, but this not gona happen

Avatar image for Barighm

<< LINK REMOVED >> Why should they? Everyone pre-orders the heck out of these games months before release. There's a reason why they say you should never pay the contractor in advance.

Avatar image for vadagar1

this part comes


Avatar image for m_nay2008


Avatar image for SpicaAntares

They released a game that crashes when you click 'continue' on the main screen? Surely that must be a joke...

Avatar image for ecurl143

Oh dear, another game that's been Driveclubbed.

Will this trend of games being FUBAR on release ever end?

Avatar image for logangta5

We need to stop buying unfinished games. Only way they'll learn.

Avatar image for GSyysonyonly4yyGS

<< LINK REMOVED >> Preordering should be illegal now because it is like robbery.

Avatar image for GSyysonyonly4yyGS

Yer right nobody buy Ubislop Games anymore let them die.

Avatar image for diabolik_023

more like UBISHIT ... or ... ubisoftSHIT

Avatar image for PETERAKO

"why everyone complains. doh haters. I can play the game just fine"

^ don't be that guy please

Avatar image for smokeless_0225

It's too little too late for me. I don't usually trade games back in (I'm funny about loosing value), I even kept Destiny...however I did find myself having to take this one back. Even if all the bugs and crashes were fixed, I still can't help the feeling that this game (the way it was meant to be played) still isn't worth it. It's weird too as I'm a fan of the series up to this point.

Avatar image for jasonredemption

We can only hope that Ubisoft learns from their mistakes the way EA seems to have learned from theirs. EA took a year off from Need For Speed and pushed Battlefield: Hardline to the spring and won't release another military Battlefield until 2016, seems they've learned from their mistakes, maybe Ubisoft can do the same??

Avatar image for PETERAKO

<< LINK REMOVED >> I only wish they did before the release of some of their games(especially mass effect 3 and simcity glorified facebook edition) :/

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