Ubisoft Responds to The Division Body Collision Issues [UPDATE]

Turns out there is an easy way around the problem.


Update: This issue has been fixed for the Brooklyn safe house in the latest update, in which the patch notes detail the following:

  • Fix for Brooklyn safe house activation, replacing the interaction with a volume that activates the agent when you step into it.

The original story follows below.

Ubisoft has issued a response concerning players who are encountering body collision issues in third-person shooter The Division. Specifically, problems where players are being physically obstructed from moving forward by other players--see the video below as one of several examples that have emerged online.

In response, Ubisoft has issued the following comment to GameSpot:

"If you run into the unfortunate event where other players are blocking your path and you're unable to enter or exit safe houses or the Dark Zone, make sure to keep this workaround in mind: Players can force their way past (or through) others by continuously running into said players for ~3 seconds. This will result in you passing through their character model, at which point you can get back on mission."

The Division launched earlier this week for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Our review of the game will be published once we feel that we've had a satisfactory amount of time with the campaign, player-versus-player combat in the Dark Zone, and the live, populated servers.

Ubisoft has announced The Division as its fastest-selling game, selling through more copies in its first 24 hours following launch than any other game in Ubisoft's history. According to its announcement, based on figures from the NPD, GFK Chart Track, and internal estimates, it has produced three of the top four most successful new game launches in history--The Division, Watch Dogs, and Assassin's Creed stand alongside Destiny.

For more on The Division, you can check out details on the game's microtransactions, get a look at the first forty minutes of gameplay, and peruse through all of our coverage of the game here. In addition, GameSpot producer Erick Tay has already beaten the game's main story--see the endgame screenshot here.

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