Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - April 21

Have you ever wanted to roll up a Katamari ball full of Skyrim's scariest creatures? Of course you have! That and more on this week's show.


Listen, I'm gonna be brief about this: we rolled up a giant ball of live bears in this week's show. Really! A bear ball! But it wasn't all silliness and mayhem, because we've also got some very useful mods on this show, including a terrific enhancement to the map screen and some awesome new spells. Give it a watch!

Download this week's mods:

Skyrim - Spells And Powers by WarriorKeKe
Steam Workshop Link

Dragon Bone Weapons Complete by ktacreations
Skyrim Nexus Link or Steam Workshop Link

The Dance of Death - A Killmove Mod for Update 1-5 by DaedalusAI
Skyrim Nexus Link or Steam Workshop Link

The Cartographers Map Markers by Feyawen
Skyrim Nexus Link or Steam Workshop Link

Actor Magnet (Katamari Dovahkiin!) by Verteiron
Steam Workshop Link

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