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Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - March 10

This week, we do our best Star Wars impersonation, take a trip into Oblivion, and play with toy soldiers.


Listen, we know what you're thinking: How come we've made three shows so far, yet not one of those shows has featured the Deathstar? Oops! We've corrected that mistake this week. And just because we're feeling generous, we decided to blow up a bear with some explosive chickens too. You're welcome.

Download this week's mods:

Quest: And the Realms of Daedra by ThirteenOranges
Steam Workshop Link or Skyrim Nexus Link

Deus Mons by ElDiabs & Daemonjax
Skyrim Nexus Link

Moon Deathstar (Various Types) by [BlueEye]TerrorKiller
Skyrim Nexus Link

Magicka Sabers by Lord Haun
Skyrim Nexus Link

Elvenwood by Nick7575
Steam Workshop Link or Skyrim Nexus Link

ColloseusX's Toy Soldiers
Steam Workshop Link

Know of any great mods you'd like to see featured on the show? Tell us about them in the comments!

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