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This Devolver Game Is A Whopping 1% Off In Steam's Summer Sale

But hey, a discount's a discount.


The Steam 2019 Summer Sale is in full swing, featuring huge discounts on thousands of PC games across a variety of genres, including some of this year's biggest releases like Devil May Cry 5 and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Indie publisher Devolver Digital, which has a reputation for doing some silly things (as evidenced by its strange annual E3 press conferences), is also offering deals on a variety of titles during the sale, including one that's an absolute steal.

From now until the Steam Summer Sale ends, you can snag Devolver Bootleg for 1% off. That amounts to a whopping five cents off its standard price of $4.99 USD. Devolver Bootleg is a compilation that consists of "eight original rip-offs of Devolver Digital games." The full game list (and the titles they rip-off) includes:

The Devolver Bootleg collection launched earlier this month and was similarly available for 1% for early adopters, so if you missed out on this generous deal the first time around, you have another chance to take advantage of it. You can pick up Devolver Bootleg on Steam here. Of course, a number of other Devolver games are also on sale for more conventional discounts, including Katana Zero for $11.24, Enter the Gungeon for $7.49, The Messenger for $14, and Gris for $11.38.

The Steam Summer Sale runs until July 9, and as previously mentioned, it offers deals on tons of PC games. You can browse the full offerings on the Steam Store. This year, Valve has a Grand Prix-themed minigame that will let you pick a team and then earn various rewards and even free games on your wishlist. You can track each team's rankings on the Grand Prix page.

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