This Console Mod Combines Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Solves Backwards Compatibility

"The Xbook Duo" is not for sale, unfortunately.

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Prolific console modder Edward Zarick has revealed his latest creation, and it does not disappoint. The "Xbook Duo" is a laptop that combines an Xbox 360 and Xbox One in one package, solving the problem of backwards compatibility, Zarick says.

The Xbook Duo, which unfortunately is only a prototype and is not for sale, can play either Xbox 360 or Xbox One games with the flip of a switch. Zarick says his creation is the first ever Xbox laptop that features two consoles inside the same packaging.

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In a post on his website and through various videos, Zarick explains in great detail how he created the Xbook Duo. The Xbox 360 guts are oriented on the left side of the unit while the Xbox One components are on the right. The unit requires only one power cable, and the HDMI outputs from both Xboxes run into an HDMI switcher, he says.

You might think that overheating would be an issue, but Zarick says he hasn't seen any overheating problems so far--though it's unclear how many hours he's spent using the device.

Like his previous Xbook One and Playbook 4 (a PlayStation 4 laptop) console mods, the Xbook Duo features a 22" Vizio monitor for on-the-go gaming. If you want to play at home, you can plug the unit into your TV through the HDMI port. Separate Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers are required, of course, as each controller only works with its respective console.

Zarick did not say if he plans to create a similar modded laptop that includes a PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in one housing.

On the issue of backwards compatibility, though the Xbox One does not currently support Xbox 360 games, Microsoft teased earlier this month that it may have a solution to the issue to reveal soon.

Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 do not support disc-based backwards compatibility like the Wii U does. However, the PS4 does let gamers play PlayStation 3 (and even older) titles through streaming service PlayStation Now. For its part, Microsoft said back in September 2013 that the Xbox One is technically capable of delivering a game-streaming service thanks to the console's cloud servers.

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