Custom-Made PS4 Laptop Will Cost You $1,400

"PlayBook 4" lets you bring your console with you wherever you go...for a price.


From the enterprising modder who brought you the Xbox One "Xbook" comes a similar creation focused around Sony's PlayStation 4. Self-taught engineer Ed Zarick this week posted a video of what he calls the "PlayBook 4," which is essentially a PlayStation 4 laptop.

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The PlayBook 4 (via Eurogamer) features the PS4's guts inside a 3D-printed and laser-cut plastic case. The screen is a 22" Vizio 1080p LED LCD display, which fits snugly inside the system's lid. It comes in multiple color configurations, and pricing is as follows:

  • PlayBook 4 -- $1395 (extra $50 for HDMI out)
  • PlayBook 4 (you provide a PS4) -- $1095
  • Shipping -- $75 flat rate for anywhere in the contiguous United States (international is extra).

To order a PlayBook 4, you'll need to pay a $750 nonrefundable deposit.

Zarick says it takes around 2-3 weeks to finish a unit. You can choose to have the system made in black or white, and you also have color options for accents and corners, including black, red, yellow, blue, green, copper, silver, grey, orange, white, purple, and pink.

Zarick adds that he can even do "full graphic customization" if you want, though this will cost extra. He also points out that you'll void your PS4 warranty by having your console modded in this way, but he includes his own 30-day warranty to fix any problems not related to user abuse. Finally, Zarick ensures potential buyers that the PS4 units featured in PlayBooks are not altered in a way that would get you banned on the PlayStation Network.

You can read more about the PlayBook 4 on Zarick's website.

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