This Bizarre It Deleted Scene Would Have Completely Changed The Movie

Better luck next time, Pennywise.


While the big screen adaptation of Stephen King's It spent a good amount of 2017 terrifying audiences, all it would take is one tiny change early in the film to radically alter the plot. Don't believe that? One of the movie's deleted scenes makes it clear.

With the release of It on Blu-ray and digital comes several deleted scenes from the movie, but one in particular that stuck out. No, it's not the gruesome flashback to Pennywise's (Bill Skarsgard) origin, though that would have been fun to see. The scene starts the same way it does in the film, with Pennywise asking Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott) if wants his paper boat back. "Here," he urges. "Take it."

Anyone who's seen the movie knows what happens next. Pennywise unhinges his jaw to reveal monstrous teeth, which he uses to bite off Georgie's arm and pull him to his death. In the deleted scene, though, Georgie simply grabs the boat, thanks the clown, and walks away happily.

At first, Pennywise looks confused at what just unfolded. However, after realizing how this has played out, he utters a mere, "Oh s***." Had they used this version of the scene, that's right about where the credits would roll and fans would ask for their money back, given that this incarnation of the movie was roughly 10 minutes long.

Obviously, this take on the scene was done as a joke for the cast and crew--and it's a good one. It was never intended to be included with the film, but thankfully it's part of the home release. Let this serve as a piece of advice to movie studios: Include these little moments with home releases. Let the audience see how much fun the casts and crews are having.

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