The Touryst Is One Of The Coolest-Looking Indie Switch Games On The Way

The Fast RMX team's next game is coming this November.

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One of the most unexpected surprises of the Nintendo Switch indie presentation at Gamescom was the debut of The Touryst, the next game from Fast RMX developer Shin'en Multimedia. But it's nothing like the studio's last game, trading the racing action for a Zelda-like action-adventure.

The debut trailer showed a tourist arriving on island by boat, and finding himself in a land full of traps, dungeon puzzles, and areas to explore. At one point he even dives deep into the water and spelunking into a cave. The trailer also shows a town environment, complete with an arcade housing an RMX-like racing game.

The Touryst takes place on Monument Island, and sports a blocky voxel-like art style. Check it out in the trailer and screens below.

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