The Surge Has Split-Screen On A Netflix Show Even Though It Doesn't In Reality

There is a scene in the new Netflix show Dark that shows split-screen co-op, but the game doesn't actually have that feature.


The new Netflix show Dark, which is the network's first German-language original production, includes a scene that features the game The Surge where two people are playing split-screen co-op. The problem? The game doesn't actually have co-op. Deck13 has now officially responded, explaining that the studio allowed the show's producers to take some creative liberties to fit the story they were trying to tell.

A Deck13 representative said on Reddit that the Dark producers contacted Deck13 "months" before the show premiered on December 1 about their eagerness to feature The Surge in the show. This was principally because The Surge was developed in Germany. "We agreed and allowed them to even fake a splitscreen if it fitted better for their idea. Some kind of creative rework one could say," the Deck13 representative said.

The split-screen support for The Surge shown in Dark is fiction, but could it one day become reality for the game with a patch? Don't get your hopes up. "Technically it'd wreck the console though," Deck13 said about splitscreen support. Announcing a new feature like split-screen co-op by way of a Netflix show would have been a pretty interesting way to go about it, but if it does ever happen, it sounds like it'll be through a more traditional manner.

"We'd chose a different way to announce such a feature," Deck13 said.

The Surge launched in May 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. GameSpot's The Surge review scored it a 7/10. Reviewer Daniel Starkey said, "The Surge is far from perfect, but none of its problems are deal breakers."

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