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The Official Diablo Cookbook Is Available To Preorder At Amazon

Become the Lord of Flavor.


What's the first thing to come to mind when you think about the Diablo series? Demons? Epic armor and weapons?

Well, what about food?

The upcoming Diablo: The Official Cookbook looks to introduce Diablo fans to the franchise's culinary side. The hardcover cookbook will include over 60 recipes "inspired by iconic locations such as Khejistan, Westmarch, and The Dreadlands, fan-favorite monsters and enemies, and beloved characters such as The Butcher, Diablo, Deckard Cain, and Archangel Tyrael."

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Frankly, we're pretty curious about what a dish inspired by The Butcher could be. Our guess is barbecued brisket or a meaty lasagna--but who knows, maybe he's actually vegan? Whatever the case, we're pretty sure the recipes will be much more appetizing than a KFC Double Down.

Diablo: The Official Cookbook will launch on October 25, and you can preorder for $31.49 at Amazon. List price is $35, so you're saving a few bucks right now. With Amazon's preorder price guarantee, you'll get the cookbook for the lowest price offered between the time you order and release.

If you're interested in other Diablo-related literature, the massive Diablo: Horadric Vault lore book collection is also available for preorder at Amazon, and be sure to check out our roundup of all the other great Diablo IV merch currently available.

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