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Learn More About Diablo's World With This Massive Book Anthology

Preorders for the collection are discounted at Amazon.


Diablo fans are eating well this year. Not only is the long-awaited Diablo IV set to launch on June 6, but Blizzard is also releasing a new hardcover anthology called Diablo: Horadric Vault - The Complete Collection later this year. While Diablo: Horadric Vault - The Complete Collection will cost $100 at retail, fans can preorder it for just $71.91 at Amazon.

The new anthology collects all four books in the Horadric Vault series, including The Book of Cain, Book of Tyrael, Book of Adria, and Book of Lorath. Each tome covers different aspects of the world of Sanctuary, where the Diablo series takes place, and narrated by each book’s titular character.

Book of Cain covers the lore and history of the war between heaven and hell as told by fan-favorite Deckard Cain, while Book of Tyrael recounts important events from Sanctuary’s history through the eyes of the Archangel Tyrael. Book of Adria is a bestiary detailing the many demons, beasts, and undead creatures players face in the games. Book of Lorath looks at the numerous magical relics that Sanctuary’s heroes and villains seek to control.

Along with the reams of lore, each volume includes illustrations and concept art from the games and in-universe correspondences between various characters to add texture to the Diablo series’ grim setting.

Diablo: Horadric Vault - The Complete Collection will release on November 7, 2023.

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