The Mandalorian Is Making The Star Wars Universe Come To Life Without Using Green Screens

The Mandalorian uses on-set digital screens.


Over the past few decades, filmmakers have made the use of blue and green screens a must-have for TV and film production. If you've watched any of the behind-the-scenes features on recent Star Wars or Marvel movies, then you know just how extensive its usage is. However, a new behind-the-scene images from the recent Disney+ series The Mandalorian revealed an innovative new technique that doesn't use blue or green screens.

The Mandalorian's CG supervisor Ian Milham tweeted the images. They show the actors performing in front of photo-realistic digital screens, meaning that they were actually in front of something they could see, as opposed to a blank green screen. This actually has more in common with the way backgrounds were created in movies in previous decades--via matte paintings or back projection--than more modern digital background replacement.

Milham accompanied the images with a message that reveals that Industrial Light & Magic had been planning to make the Mandalorian this way for some time. "So a couple years ago I had a talk with @ILMVFX about real time environments," he said. "They wouldn't share too much, but I still joined up. Next thing you know, they hand us the keys to THIS." Check the images out below:

The Mandalorian premiered on Disney+ in November and completed its eight episode run at the end of December. The show has been greenlit for Season 2, which will premiere in the Fall of 2020.

In related news, it was reported that the specialty stuffed animal retailer Build-A-Bear will be releasing a build-your-own Baby Yoda in the next few months. Baby Yoda was the break-out "star" from The Mandalorian, and Star Wars creator George Lucas himself recently got the chance to meet him.

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