George Lucas Has Met Baby Yoda--Here's The Heartwarming Photographic Proof

The look of love.


The Mandalorian has wrapped up its first season, and a second is on the way later this year. The star of the show has undoubtedly been Baby Yoda, the $5 million animatronic puppet that has won hearts and minds by being heartbreakingly beautiful. And now, we know that the creator of Star Wars has met the little friend.

Jon Favreau, the showrunner of The Mandalorian, has tweeted out a (slightly blurry) picture of George Lucas holding The Child. It's not captioned, but it doesn't need to be--the look Lucas is giving the puppet, and the way he's holding it protectively, is all you need to know.

While Lucas, who directed the original 1997 film and the prequel trilogy, has had his issues with Disney's handling of Star Wars, it looks like he's as smitten with Baby Yoda as the rest of us.

Baby Yoda is also coming to Build-A-Bear, if you want your own. A statue of the iconic baby is also available in The Sims 4. We expect more Baby Yoda in season 2 of the show, which premiere in the fall.

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