The Last Of Us Part 2 Training Manuals Guide: Where To Find All Upgrades

Training Manuals open up new skill trees to enhance your abilities in The Last of Us Part 2, but only if you find them--here's where to look.


In the world of The Last of Us Part 2, finding supplements can help you build new skills to do all kinds of things, from developing more efficient crafting to improving your stealth capabilities. But earning those skills first requires that you first unlock them by discovering Training Manuals, books that impart knowledge to Ellie so she can start to hone her new abilities.

The thing is, many of those Training Manuals require some scavenging to discover, and are often hidden off the beaten path, meaning you can completely miss certain upgrades if you aren't thorough. To help you out, we've tracked down and listed out the location of every Training Manual in The Last of Us Part 2, to help you grab every skill and earn a variety of Trophies. Check out the full list below. It's worth noting that it's possible you might find Training Manuals in places we haven't marked--similar to its weapons, it seems The Last of Us Part 2's items are somewhat dynamic, and if you miss a manual at one location, it might appear further into the game in another. That said, we've located manuals at all these places outlined below, and if you follow our guide, you should be able to ensure you get them all during your playthrough.

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Seattle Day 1 - Downtown

Your first Training Manual requires some effort to get to. Head for the highway overpass at 6th and Marion. Approaching from Marion street, you'll see some collapsed roads and a fire engine. Ride to where the military trucks are parked, get out, and climb the one closest to the edge near the fire engine. You can jump across from that one to the other overpass. Go around the right side of the engine to find a rope you can use to repel down over the edge of the overpass. Swing down to the chunk of broken highway below to get inside a cargo crate. Inside is a Crafting Training Manual.

Seattle Day 1 - Capitol Hill

After getting through Eastbrook Elementary, you'll enter a new section of town, where you can explore several empty storefronts. Once you've passed through the motel, look for a bookstore near the gas station--it has a blue door you can enter through in the back, or windows you can break. In the adjoining cafe, find the table near the front door to grab the Stealth Training Manual beside a typewriter.

Seattle Day 2 - Hillcrest

As you explore the neighborhood of Hillcrest, you'll hop over a truck to clear a fence. Look for a liquor store near a sinkhole that divides you from the staircase you're trying to reach. Inside the liquor store, to the back and drop down into the basement. There are two shamblers here, so watch your step. When you hit the exit, a destroyed staircase, you'll enter a daycare center. Look for a body of an infected with a Precision Training Manual on the ground beside it.

Seattle Day 2 - The Seraphites (Dusk)

The Training Manual you're looking for is in a WLF safehouse located in an apartment building. Keep going down Route 5 until you hit a metal gate you can't open. (If you jump the fence to get inside, you'll find a puzzle with a dumpster to solve.) Across the street from the gate is an apartment building with several routes inside, but the easiest path is accessed by climbing on top of the panel truck alongside the building to get to the second floor. Pass through the apartment to the hallway beyond, where you'll see the white door of another apartment. Inside that one is a Workbench. Use it, then look in the bedroom of this apartment for the Explosives Training Manual.

Seattle Day 1 - On Foot

After getting through the hardware store, you'll use a rope to get onto the roof of a building. Dropping down inside, you'll discover it's a boat repair shop. As you progress toward finding your way out, you'll get access to the second floor. Use the ladder you find there to make a bridge to the boat in the center of the room. Inside its cabin, you'll discover the Covert Ops Training Manual.

Seattle Day 1 - Hostile Territory (Dusk)

On your way to the aquarium, you'll soon come to a string of linked storefronts. Inside the Jasmine Bakery, you'll find a safe. You'll need to go looking in the other stores for the note that contains the combination (which, if you'd rather speed up the process, is 68-96-89). To find it, go through the Red Dragon bar to find a path to the second floor, then jump from the balcony to the building across the way. Find a hole in the floor you can drop through, but before you do, grab the Jasmine Bakery Safe artifact off the shelf to the left. Open the safe in the bakery to find the Close Quarters Training Manual.

Seattle Day 1 - The Forest (Night)

Keep moving through the woods until you find an auto shop; you'll have to lift up the door to get inside. Once you're in, you'll find a Workbench. Look for a door on the side of the room, then turn right so you can reach the front office. Inside is the Firearms Field Manual.

Seattle Day 1 - The Coast (Night)

Further on after moving through a cargo shipping yard, you'll climb into a crashed ferry. Keep moving toward the top deck, but when you hit the long hallway on the side, push to the back to find the Mutiny Note artifact, which has a safe code you'll need. When you get outside to the sun deck, turn left at the top of the stairs to reach the back of the boat. Inside the cabin at the aft end, you'll find a safe: use the code 90-77-01 to open it and get the Ordinance Training Manual.

With that, you should have all the Training Manuals, unlocking every skill tree and earning you the Journeyman Trophy. In order to earn the trophies for unlocking all the skills, you'll need to replay The Last of Us Part 2 on New Game Plus mode to find the supplements you need.

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