The Last Of Us 2 Receives New PS4 Trailer

The Last of Us: Part II continues to look impressive (and no, that's not Ellie).


The Last of Us: Part II is one of the most highly-anticipated games Sony has coming to PS4, and it's unfortunately still without a release date. However, Sony's Paris Games Week showcase was capped off with a new cinematic trailer for Naughty Dog's sequel.

The video, which you can watch below, shows off some of the characters that the new story may center around. A young woman (who is not Ellie) is about to be hanged when another person is taken hostage. The lead captor asks where the "other apostate" is, and when she refuses to answer, she is tortured. Just then, another character comes in who kills all of the captors and saves the two prisoners--despite the fact that the first is "one of them." The sequence is concluded with Infected rushing the scene.

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On Twitter, Naughty Dog revealed the actors behind several of the key characters in the trailer. Victoria Grace plays Yara, Ian Alexander plays Lev, Emily Swallow makes a "guest appearance" as Emily, and Laura Bailey plays a character whose name is censored--she's the one featured most prominently.

The Last of Us was one of the most successful PS3 exclusives Sony released, so it was no surprise to see a sequel announced last year. We don't know a huge amount about the game so far, though developer Naughty Dog has already confirmed that Ellie, not Joel, is the primary playable character. We also know that the first game's director, Bruce Straley, is not returning to direct Part II. Aside from those details and today's new video, all we've seen so far is the reveal trailer from PSX 2017.

For a look at everything that was announced, check out our roundup of news from Sony's Paris Games Week conference. Destiny 2's first DLC pack was also revealed, as was a beta and Horizon-themed DLC pack for Monster Hunter World.

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