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The Fallout: New Vegas Limp Bizkit Mod Has Finally Been Rediscovered And Approved By Fred Durst

Great stuff.


One of the most important pieces of gaming history has been rediscovered, as Fallout: New Vegas fans can load up the game and once again roll into town for a meeting with Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst. In fact, they might want to keep on rollin' once they find him.

There's a fun bit of history behind this mod, as it was released many years ago and gained some notoriety by 2015. The redcap menace could be found in the game once the mod had been installed, and Durst's digital doppelganger would reply with Limp Bizkit sound bites when you started a conversation with him.

Almost a decade ago, the mod vanished from its home on NexusMods and its creator confirmed that it was lost to the sands of time. "I recently reformatted my computer so doubt I have any of the files left over here," Lb8068 wrote in the YouTube comments section for the video showing off the mod.

And then years later, the mod resurfaced thanks to Twitter user UsagiCola having archived it. YouTuber Micky D alerted people to the rediscovery of gaming's holy grail on X/Twitter, and after Durst himself quote-tweeted the original post, it blew up with millions of views. Truly, a cause for celebration that warrants breaking out the finest bottle of hot dog-flavored water.

Meanwhile, Bethesda continues to be busy with other projects that haven't been graced by Ben Stiller's temporary valet parking attendant. Starfield came out last year and received several big updates ahead of planned expansions, and the company's creative director Todd Howard has recently been spotted pilfering rare antiquities from the offices of Indiana Jones and the Great Circle developer Machine Games.

There's also the Fallout TV series coming later this year on Prime Video, and judging by the recent trailer, this looks set to be a very faithful adaptation of the franchise.

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