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Indiana Jones And The Great Circle - Platforms, Release Date, And Everything We Know

The next Indiana Jones game is shaping up to be an authentic slice of globetrotting action.


It has been an excruciatingly long wait for Indiana Jones fans, but at long last, a brand-new video game in the franchise is on its way. First revealed in 2021, Indiana Jones and The Great Circle will be arriving later this year, giving fans a chance to don the trademark fedora of the two-fisted archeologist as he uses his wits and whip to explore historical landmarks and extract teeth from Nazis.

Now that the game is almost here, Microsoft and MachineGames have revealed more of its story details and have shown off some of its whip-cracking gameplay in action. Some elements are still being kept locked up tighter than the treasures in an Atlantean tomb, but for now, here's everything that we know about Indiana Jones and the Great Circle so far.

Release date

First revealed back in 2021, Indiana Jones and The Great Machine is currently scheduled to launch in 2024. Microsoft hasn't revealed a concrete date yet for the MachineGames-developed adventure, but barring any major delays, it's looks set to be one of the big highlights of the year.

Will Indiana Jones and the Great Circle be available through Game Pass?

Just like Microsoft's biggest first-party releases, the new Indiana Jones game will be a day-one release on Game Pass.


Egypt is temporarily closed for tourists.
Egypt is temporarily closed for tourists.

As more games are leaving last-gen systems behind, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle joins that list. It'll only be available on Xbox Series X|S and PC. PS5 owners will unfortunately not get the game on their platform, as developer MachineGames was one of several studios acquired by Microsoft in 2021's $7.5 billion purchase of Bethesda and ZeniMax.


Maybe he's seen some snakes.
Maybe he's seen some snakes.

Set between Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade, The Great Circle sees Jones embark on a globetrotting adventure as the famed archeologist works on uncovering one of history's greatest mysteries. Since it's set in 1937, Jones will face stiff opposition from Nazis looking to plunder the world's treasures for their own nefarious purposes. The relic hunter won't be alone, as he'll reunite with old friends in his adventure and team up with new allies throughout his expedition.

As for what the Great Circle is? MachineGames isn't ready to spill the beans yet on this concept. Still, game director Jerk Gustafsson did reference how these circles are used for navigation purposes and that a "very real and mysterious" great circle on Earth connects several historical sites. "Their connection has remained a mystery, and this provides the perfect adventure for our game," Gustafsson said.


A closer look at Sukhotai temple.
A closer look at Sukhotai temple.

Get ready for some digital tourism, as The Great Circle will take Indy from his familiar stomping grounds of Marshall College in Connecticut to the ancient halls of the Vatican, the arid deserts of Egypt, the sunken temples of Sukhothai, and the icy peaks of the Himalayas. These locations will see Indy face off against human enemies and dodge ancient traps as he solves puzzles, leading to some blockbuster moments of action when all hell breaks loose.

"We wanted to explore where Indy would be at this time, having just separated from Marion, being sort of lost again, adrift in his own obsessions with his work," Gustafsson added.


Someone's about to lose some teeth.
Someone's about to lose some teeth.

According to design director Jens Andersson, The Great Circle will mostly be a first-person game with a few moments of third-person gameplay. "Our game is about putting you in the shoes of an iconic hero," Andersson said. "Since we are doing this mostly in first-person, you have the chance to truly become Indy. First-person makes you part of this world--allowing you to explore and experience things more intimately."

In typical Indiana Jones fashion, you'll also be punching, shooting, and whipping your way through enemies, but if you'd prefer a stealthier approach, you can avoid combat and stick to the shadows. If you've played MachineGames' Wolfenstein games, this will sound pretty familiar, as those titles also juggled the ability to play as a covert operative making a destructive entrance.

Locations also feature optional puzzles to solve, and when things do go pear-shaped, Indy can use his environment, quick thinking, and whip to his advantage. During the third-person sections of the game, the camera will zoom out and give players a better view of Indy as he navigates traps and uses his whip to overcome them.

Is Lucasfilm involved in the development of Indiana Jones and the Great Circle?

One reassuring fact about the development of the new Indiana Jones game is that MachineGames has worked closely with Lucasfilm Games to create an authentic entry in the franchise. You can see the results of this in Indy's design and the world around him, as the game looks like it was ripped straight from the original trilogy of films. Lifelong Indiana Jones fan and Bethesda creative director Todd Howard is also involved, as he'll periodically check in on the game's development in his role as an executive producer.

Is Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle?

We recognize that face!
We recognize that face!

Kind of! While Ford's grizzled mug has been digitally transferred to his in-game character model--signature facial scar and all--he won't be voiced by the legendary actor. Instead, Troy Baker will be breathing life into this incarnation of Jones, as Ford had previously committed to never playing the role again after he finished work on Dial of Destiny. Horror movie icon Tony Todd will also be in the game, lending his voice to a "mysterious giant of a man" who steals a seemingly insignificant artifact from Indy's college.

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