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The Division DLC Comes to Xbox One 30 Days Before PS4 - Report

Xbox One players get a 30-day headstart.


Back in 2014, it was confirmed that The Division's DLC would launch first on Xbox One. However, at the time, the duration of the exclusivity period was not mentioned. Now, a new video from GameStop suggests that Xbox One players will get a 30-day headstart over other platforms for The Division's DLC.

A GameStop sales associate says in the video above that The Division DLC will come to Xbox One "30 days before Sony," referencing the PlayStation 4. However, it's unclear when PC players will get access to The Division's expansions.

GameSpot has followed up with Ubisoft in an attempt to get more details.

The Division is getting three paid expansions (Underground, Survival, and Last Stand), though Ubisoft has not provided much in the way of specifics about their content or when they will launch. In addition to paid DLC, The Division will welcome free updates that include things like new game modes.

DLC launching first on Xbox One is not the first partnership between Microsoft and Ubisoft for The Division. Last month's closed beta started a day early on Xbox One, while the same will be true for the upcoming open beta. Additionally, Microsoft will release a 1 TB Xbox One bundle for The Division.

Sony has its own major timed-exclusivity deal for Call of Duty, one of the biggest franchises in gaming. All DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops III launches first on PS4 as part of a new arrangement between Sony and Activision. Formerly, Call of Duty expansions arrived first on Xbox platforms.

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