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The Best Streaming Services For 2021: HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, And More

Planning to finally cut the cord? You have plenty of options.


With so many options available now, it can be challenging to whittle down your subscriptions to the very best streaming services for you. Most services aim to offer enticing, low-cost alternatives to regular cable. Whether you're watching movies, network TV shows, or original content, there are numerous streaming services that feature as good of--sometimes even better--an experience as cable. Everyone is getting into the streaming game now, as we've seen over the past couple of years with Disney+, HBO Max, and NBC's Peacock, among others. Even if you aren't ready to fully cut the cord, there are live TV streaming services out there as well, which pair nicely with a subscription to traditional streaming service like Netflix or HBO Max. While determining the overall best streaming service is next to impossible, considering each offers different content, there is a clear list of leaders that you should examine before deciding which service(s) you want to subscribe to.

The days of Netflix merely complimenting your cable package are gone. There are a ton of options out there now, for better and worse. Subscribing to one streaming service is a steal compared to cable, but sticking to just the best live TV streaming service isn't as convenient as it used to be. Most services don't have access to all the TV channels like Comedy Central, As you rack up subscriptions to other services, the combined price can start to look a lot like that cable bill you were so eager to ditch. Even just a combination of the most popular services--Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+--will cost you more than $20 per month on the low end.

To help you make the best decisions, we've put together this handy guide outlining the best streaming services you should get in 2021, depending on what you're looking for. We weighed both cost and content and will continue to re-evaluate over time as services change and new options become available. Streaming services are popping up left and right, and not all of them are worth subscribing to--we're looking at you, Peacock--but there are a growing number that offer great, differentiated content.

If you're looking to stream anime, we also have a dedicated roundup of the best anime streaming services. There are also plenty of streaming options that won't cost you anything; check out our best free streaming services guide.

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