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The Best Nintendo Switch Game Deals On The Eshop Right Now In The US

Some great Switch deals going on now.


The Nintendo Eshop is running a sale on a number of excellent games. So if you've finished or grown bored with your current collection of Nintendo Switch games, now is a great time to save money while adding new downloadable titles to your collection. The games will go back up to full price at different times, so grab them quickly.

Unlike some recent weeks, no big first-party Nintendo games are on sale, but you can save money on lots of indies and other games. For instance, the surprisingly intense rhythm game Thumper is on sale for $10. This game has you play as a metallic beetle hurtling down a nightmarish psychedelic space road.

From GameSpot's Thumper review: "Surprisingly little has been sacrificed in the transition to the portable console, and in some ways the fact that you can now hold it close by undocking the Switch makes it a slightly more immersive experience than sitting feet away from your TV."

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If you ever have people over, The Jackbox Party Pack 2 can make your gatherings more enjoyable. It's a group of party mini-games that support up to eight players. You don't need a box of Switch controllers, because everyone can use their phones for input devices. It's on sale for $13.

Battle Chef Brigade, a side-scrolling brawler and a match-three puzzle game in one, is on sale for $12. Fans of horror can grab Layers of Fear: Legacy for $16, while platformer aficionados can add Owlboy to their collection for $18.

You can find more of our picks for the best games in the Eshop sale below, or look at the full list here.

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