Suspected Game Of Thrones Leakers Arrested In India

Four people charged with criminal breach of trust and computer-related offenses after a Game of Thrones episode was leaked ahead of its premiere.


Four people in Mumbai have been arrested in connection with the theft of a Season 7 Game of Thrones episode, according to a report by Variety.

Earlier this month, the episode was leaked to pirating streaming sites before it premiered on HBO. Now police in India have arrested and charged four individuals, all of whom work for or used to work for Prime Focus Technologies. Prime Focus is an outside data-management company used by Star India, HBO's pay-TV distribution partner in the country. Star India's watermark appeared throughout the pirated copy.

The four people who weren't identified have been charged with criminal breach of trust and computer-related offenses. Variety reports that links to episode appeared on Reddit on August 4, two days before the episode’s premiere. The Reddit post was removed shortly after it went up, but the episode was ripped in low quality and began circulating on illegal streaming sites.

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Star India said, in a statement, that this is the first leak of this sort in the company's history. "We believe that valuable intellectual property is a critical part of the development of the creative industry and strict enforcement of the law is essential to protecting it," the company added.

The leak followed reports HBO had been hacked and several TV episodes and written material connected to Game of Thrones had been stolen. That theft is not connected to these arrests. The four suspects are being held, under investigation, until August 21.

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