Super Smash Bros. on N64 Is a Pro Football Team's Locker Room Obsesssion

When the Tennessee Titans lost their PS4s and expensive televisions, they replaced them with Super Smash Bros. on N64.


When the Tennessee Titans lost their PS4s and expensive televisions due to renovation, the NFL team's starting left tackle Taylor Lewan brought in his own Nintendo 64 and a copy of Super Smash Bros. Now, the team is obsessed, fitting in quick matches the moment they have some time to spare, The Ringer reports.

Four Titans players can often be found in the locker room, playing the classic fighting game while a line of teammates forms, waiting for their turn to smash some bros. Lewan says some of his teammates are "dogs**t awful." He added that he uses these teammates, including undrafted free agent Nick Ritcher, as fodder for the more skilled players.

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"[Ritcher will] just be Pikachu, and he'll shoot a lightning bolt over and over and over again and distract people, and while he's doing that, I'll go fight the other guys," Lewan said.

The team's long snapper Beau Brinkley was awestruck at the sight of Lewan's N64, recalling that he had gotten the console for his tenth birthday.

"The best thing about the N64 is that there's no loading, just get up and go," he said. "The simplicity is what makes it fun. I mean, it's a classic console --GoldenEye 007, Diddy Kong Racing, just classic."

Despite the team's obsession, Brinkley says the PS4s "will come back at some point." You can read the full story over on The Ringer.

The Super Smash Bros. games have inspired more than just football players. One drummer used a Melee match to help him create beautiful jazz music.

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