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Super Meat Boy Forever: Hours Of New Footage Emerges, Featuring Many, Many Deaths

After a long wait in-between footage, we've finally seen more of Super Meat Boy Forever.


It had been a while since we've seen anything out of Team Meat about the upcoming Super Meat Boy sequel, Super Meat Boy Forever, but that's now changed. Lead developer Tommy Refenes recently streamed over 10 hours of gameplay from the game's current build, and it involves a lot of bloody deaths.

The game, which we last covered in 2018, has been in the works ever since, and it's looking pretty good--and challenging. While Refenes points out some areas that are still too easy for his liking, including the first boss fight, in other sections he dies plenty.

This aforementioned boss fight also shows off a cutscene featuring Meat Boy and Bandage Girl's kid, named Nugget. The kid is cute, as far as lumps of meat go.

You can watch the game in action below. This stream is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the original game's release on Xbox 360.

It was originally announced that Super Meat Boy Forever would arrive first on Switch, but the press release sent to GameSpot just says that the game will come to Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC "when it's ready."

Thanks to a semi-random generation system, Super Meat Boy contains thousands of levels--but which ones you face will change each time you play. This means that no two playthroughs will be the same, and it's expected that players can run through the entire campaign several times before encountering a new one.

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