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Streets Of Rage 4 Mr. X Nightmare DLC Is Now Live, Adds Three New Characters

Streets Of Rage 4's big DLC pack is now here, and it adds a survival mode to the game, along with new characters, new moves, and revamped balance.


Streets of Rage 4's Mr. X Nightmare DLC is live on all platforms, and it brings a ton of new content to the game, including three new characters, customizable moves, a survival mode, and many balance changes. The new characters include Estel Aguirre, Max Thunder, and Shiva, all of whom served as bosses in the base game. The latter two are also characters from previous Streets of Rage games. [Update: Switch players may be unable to get the DLC for a period of days, due to an issue.]

Survival mode is the other major addition that Mr. X Nightmare brings to the table. Players can select perks for their character and then fight to see how long they can last. Additionally, all characters now have selectable special moves that they can swap out to find a moveset that works best for them.

Along with the Mr. X Nightmare DLC, which costs $8, there is a free update for the game that adds a harder difficulty, an in-depth training mode, new color palettes, and a raft of balancing changes. For example, default Axel has gotten a major buff that should help him compete with top-tier characters like Adam Hunter. For more details, check out the patch notes below.

Streets of Rage 4 Mr. X Nightmare DLC Patch Notes


  • Fixed retro characters' sound
  • Added a new pickup star sound
  • Reworked weapon sounds
  • Added a sound (and screen shake) when falling into a hole


  • Reduced player fall damage from 30 to 20
  • Vault jump now causes a longer stun

ALL characters:

  • Added better jab hitbox to match animation and work at close range
  • Weapon throw now hits at close range

ALL SOR1 characters:

  • More invincibility frames after their star move

ALL SOR2 characters:

  • Faster jump

SOR2 Blaze:

  • Combo is now faster and does more damage
  • Added wallbounce property on elbow
  • Back attack now has an extra bounce
  • Special moves now cost less health
  • Blitz move now makes you invincible and has better depth
  • Defensive special hits off the ground
  • Star move has better hitboxes

SOR2 skate:

  • Defensive special now hits off the ground

SOR2 Axel:

  • Defensive special now hits off the ground
  • Fixed star move not recovering green health
  • Blitz longer distance
  • Longer jab hitbox

SOR2 Max:

  • Slightly faster walk speed
  • Bigger grab range
  • Blitz longer distance

SOR3 Axel:

  • Star move now recovers green health
  • Blitz hits off the ground
  • Better combo hitboxes
  • Faster run speed

SOR3 Blaze:

  • Better charge attack
  • Added wallbounce property on elbow
  • Combo is now faster
  • Back attack now has an extra bounce
  • Defensive special can now hit off the ground
  • Special moves now cost less health
  • Offensive special has better juggle properties and can wallbounce

SOR3 Skate:

  • Blitz does more damage
  • Defensive special hits off the ground
  • Offensive special now costs less health
  • Better jab hitbox

SOR3 Shiva:

  • Better star move hitboxes
  • Better jab hitbox

SOR3 Zan:

  • Better jab hitbox
  • Can now pick up food while holding energy orb

SOR4 Axel:

  • Longer jump
  • Star move has bigger damage and longer active frames
  • Air special has shorter recovery, bigger depth, bigger damage, more active frames
  • Air kick combo does more damage
  • Combo does more damage
  • Blitz does more damage and ignores enemy's weight
  • Back attack has better wallbounce properties
  • Headbutt is invincible

SOR4 Adam:

  • Air special does 2 more hits

SOR4 Cherry:

  • Blitz can not fall into holes

SOR4 Floyd:

  • Better jab range
  • Better hitbox on combo
  • Added weapon specials


  • Can not parry thrown bodies anymore
  • Longer grab struggle time


  • Takes a little damage when guarding

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