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Streets Of Rage 4 DLC Availability Bug On Switch Won't Be Fixed For Days

The DLC, Mr. X Nightmare, adds new characters, a survival mode, and more moves to the game.


A fix for the issue preventing Switch owners from picking up an expansion for Streets of Rage 4 is currently being worked on and will arrive in the "following days" according to developer Dotemu.

Fans of the latest entry in the long-running beat-'em-up franchise can pick up the new DLC starting today, titled Mr. X Nightmare. The expansion adds multiple new characters, a survival mode, moves, weapons, and more to the game. Currently, anyone playing the game on PC, PS4, and Xbox One should have no problem purchasing the DLC.

Switch owners however have encountered a bug that prevents them from purchasing the expansion. On Twitter, Dotemu acknowledged the issue, saying, "We are all hands on deck to remedy this issue for fans and will be posting updates on the ETA for when we anticipate the fix to be live."

However, Switch players won't be able to purchase Mr. X Nightmare for at least the next day. In a follow-up tweet, Dotemu said that "our best projections are that the fix will come in the following days but beyond that, we are unable to give a more accurate timeframe."

Along with the DLC, a massive patch has hit Streets of Rage 4. The patch addresses issues with every character in the game, with some changes being applied to the entire roster while others received more specific buffs or nerfs.

Since its launch, Streets of Rage 4 has received regular DLC drops, with the latest adding Shiva to the beat-'em-up this past May.

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