Stranger Things Season 2 Story Details Teased

Regaining a sense of normalcy for the main characters might not be possible after the traumatic events of Season 1.


Stranger Things producer Shawn Levy has shared some new insight into the Netflix show's second season. He told Collider in a new interview that fans will be pleased with the new characters coming on-board for Season 2, though the story will still focus mostly on the core group from Season 1.

"There are several new characters who I think several of them are going to be new fan-favorites because they're great, great new characters," Levy said. "But we are definitely sticking primarily with our core group..."

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Just this week, Netflix announced that Lord of the Rings actor Sean Astin and Aliens' Paul Reiser are among the new cast members for Season 2. Additionally, Danish actress Linnea Berthelsen is joining the show, alongside actors from Power Rangers and American Odyssey.

Also in Collider's interview, Levy talked about how Season 2's plot will showcase the main characters coming to terms with the events of Season 1 and trying to regain a sense of normalcy. According to Levy, that might not be possible.

"Will Byers was in that Upside Down for a while. So Season 2 is about this determined desire to return to normalcy in Hawkins, in the Byers family, in that group of friends, and it's the struggle to reclaim normalcy and maybe the impossibility of it."

Stranger Things Season 2 is scheduled to come out sometime in 2017. Filming began this week, Levy said, and with Season 2 being one episode longer than Season 1, you shouldn't expect it to premiere until sometime after spring 2017.

Levy will direct two episodes of Stranger Things' second season: chapters three and four. There are going to be nine episodes in all. In addition to his work on Stranger Things, Levy was recently named as the newest director for Sony's long-in-development Uncharted movie.

Read the full Collider interview here.

According to creators Matt and Ross Duffer, Season 2 will be "darker and weirder" than the first season. In other news, it's been confirmed that Millie Bobby Brown's character, Eleven, is coming back for Season 2.

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