Starcraft II soundtrack available now on iTunes

Official soundtrack debuts today on Apple's music distribution site alongside long-awaited sci-fi RTS.


Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

No Caption Provided Starcraft fans have waited over a decade for the game's sequel to hit shelves, and now that its first of three chapters finally has, Blizzard is giving fans something else to buy.

The Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty official soundtrack (OST) is now available for purchase on Apple's iTunes music distribution platform. The album comes with 14 tracks taken from the game and is available either in full ($9.99) or individually at 99 cents per cut.

Now you can Zerg rush to some sweet tunes.
Now you can Zerg rush to some sweet tunes.

The Starcraft II OST was included in the game's $100 Collector's Edition. For more on the top-tier version of the game, check out GameSpot's unboxing video, embedded below.

The first installment's single-player campaign will focus on the Terran faction but will have the game's full multiplayer component. It will seek to resolve the conflict between Jim Raynor and Kerrigan, which was the crux of the original Starcraft. The second game, Heart of the Swarm, will focus on the Zerg, while the final game, Legacy of the Void, will be devoted to the Protoss. Analysts are already predicting that the title, which uses the new, will sell in excess of 6 million copies during this year alone.

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