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Star Wars Parody Trailer Shows Off Goat Simulator's New Space Expansion

Goat Simulator in space. Because why not, I guess?


If you haven't been paying attention, you might be surprised to find out that the game about being a goat and wreaking havoc on a small town has turned into a game about being a goat and flying a spaceship. Goat Simulator's latest expansion is called Waste of Space, and the trailer is a mishmash of a bunch of different sci-fi references and, for some reason, an Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator.

Waste of Space continues the sandbox-y mayhem that Goat Simulator is known for, while joking on games like Star Citizen and Mass Effect with some Star Wars and Star Trek references strewn about. You can check out the trailer below.

According to a press release, you're able to "trick people into crowdfunding you their hard-earned money," in order for you to spend it on a space colony and other intergalactic hijinks. It's also the biggest map Goat Simulator has seen so far. Additionally, the press release hints at romance options, something that Mass Effect is known for.

Screenshots on the expansion's Steam page show a Mass Effect-style dialogue system, though your only answer seems to be different variations on "Baa"--which is appropriate since you play a goat.

Goat Simulator: Waste of Space is available now on PC and iOS and Android devices for $5.

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Other Goat Simulator expansions introduced MMO-like gameplay and zombie survival to the goofy game. Like Waste of Space, both expansions joked on other games like World of Warcraft and DayZ.

Goat Simulator was also featured in Payday 2 heist DLC, which tasked players with chasing and catching cocaine-smuggling goats. You can check out the trailer and read more here.

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