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Star Wars Battlefront Review Roundup

Here's what critics are saying about DICE's sci-fi shooter.


In Star Wars Battlefront, developer DICE aims to take the large-scale first-person shooter formula it has honed with the Battlefield series and mould it around one of the biggest sci-fi properties of all time. But does it succeed?

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Reviewers have started delivering their verdicts on the game and, as always, we've gathered up all the review scores, along with a short extract from the text itself and placed it in an easy to digest list. Take a look below for an overview of Star Wars Battlefront's critical reception.

For a wider view on the game's critical reception, head to GameSpot sister site Metacritic.

  • Game: Star Wars Battlefront
  • Developer: DICE
  • Platform: Xbox One, PS4, PC
  • Release Date: November 10
  • Price: $60/£49.99

GameSpot -- 7/10

"If nothing else, Star Wars Battlefront is an exercise in pure spectacle, laid out in all of its neon glory ... The first 10 hours are packed with these moments, and it's worth playing just to watch them unfold. But Battlefront doesn't go much deeper than its ambitious surface appeal. It front loads its best content, only to fade in quality as the hours roll by. Star Wars Battlefront's skin is beautiful, but its legs are shaking, and threaten to buckle with time." -- Mike Mahardy [Full review]

Giant Bomb -- 3/5

"If the impending release of The Force Awakens has you in the mood for a casual online shooter set in the Star Wars universe, this game can certainly provide that for a dozen or so hours. Battlefront initially checks all of the boxes for being a great Star Wars game, but its limited amount of content and lack of meaningful progression kept me from wanting to return for more than a brief visit." -- Dan Ryckert [Full review]

GamesRadar+ -- 4/5

"Rarely has any video game pushed pure, uncomplicated joy so forcefully to the fore. Sure, as a shooter, this can be rigidly simple at times, and does occasionally leave me yearning for something a little more complex and involving because I'm that guy who spent the rest of 2015 playing Destiny. As a wonderful recreation of some of my most cherished childhood fantasies (and you will feel the same, such is its universal appeal) Star Wars Battlefront is an absolute triumph." -- Andy Hartup [Full review]

VideoGamer -- 7/10

"Star Wars Battlefront, then, is one of the best experiences of the year, if only for a short while. Completionists may stay with it to unlock figures for the in-game diorama which shows how many challenges you've completed, but others will find their interest has waned long before that. Too limited in its maps and modes to keep people hooked, it will nevertheless provide enough fun to jump onto once in a while, hear that famous score and maybe take down an AT-AT. Those who wanted a Battlefront III, however, will have to wait a little while longer." -- Burns [Full review]

US Gamer -- 3.5/5

"In some ways, Star Wars: Battlefront is a pleasant surprise. It feels so much more polished than it did at E3, and the effort that DICE has put into the visuals pays off in one of the best-looking games of the year. But every facet of the game is hurt by the lack of variety in the environments, vehicles, weapons, and even enemies. It's a startlingly limited package made more disappointing by the fact that the actual gameplay is really fun. It may reach its potential in a year; but for now, it's one more potentially great game sabotaged by what appears to be a cynical marketing plan." -- Kat Bailey [Full review]

Metro -- 8/10

"It’s not the ultimate Star Wars game, it doesn’t do anything revolutionary for the online shooter genre, and it’s certainly not very deep or complex. But it is an enormous amount of fun. Which seems perfectly fitting considering the movies it’s based on." -- David Jenkins [Full review]

Destructoid -- 6/10

"Star Wars Battlefront feels authentic in many ways, but that authenticity is aggressively pursued at the cost of gameplay, and is often tacked-on. If you're in the mood for a relatively shallow shooter with caveats you likely won't be disappointed, but I wish that DICE had a little more time to polish it and add more substance." -- Chris Carter [Full review]

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