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Star Wars Battlefront: Collection's First Update Fixes A Long List Of Issues

Alongside the update, Aspyr says it is continuing to make improvements to online multiplayer.


Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection's first update is here, and it fixes a laundry list of problems fans have experienced with the remasters since launch.

The remastered collection, which includes 2004's Star Wars: Battlefront and its year-later sequel Star Wars: Battlefront 2, was supposed to bring the classic shooters into the modern age with 64-player online support, improved visuals, formerly Xbox-exclusive DLC, and fan-requested features like the ability to play the popular Hero Assault mode on any ground map. Unfortunately, the game's launch was plagued with server issues and gameplay bugs, resulting in the title quickly garnering an "Overwhelmingly Negative" average user review score rating on Steam.

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Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection developer Aspyr Media has stated it will continue to work on addressing server stability and improving its network infrastructure to improve the online multiplayer experience, as well as make additional "server-side" adjustments that don't require a game update.

With that in mind, Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection's first update largely hones in on bug fixes that address broken animations and visual effects, crashing issues, and broken audio. It also addresses more general issues like collision detection, balance changes for Sith hero Asajj Ventress, and issues related to split-screen play. The update is available now on Steam, and will be rolling out to Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch once it passes the update submission and certification process on those platforms, Aspyr says.

Aspyr in its Steam patch notes states it is already planning for the game's second update, but does not give a timeframe on when that update might arrive. Players are still reporting performance issues and various bugs, and are still confused by the fact that the collection, composed of two remastered versions of games from the mid-2000s, somehow requires 50GB of storage space.

It's just the latest Star Wars-related fumble for Aspyr, which has been behind numerous ports of classic Star Wars games to modern systems. It found itself in hot water over the cancellation of promised cut-content DLC from its remaster of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, which resulted in a class-action lawsuit accusing the developer of false advertising. Aspyr has also been accused of using a fan mod in Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection without the creator's permission. A full-blown remake of the original Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic first announced in 2021 to be in development at Aspyr is reportedly no longer in active development.

Below are the full patch notes for Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection's first update.

Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection Update #1 Patch Notes


  • [BF2] Fixed a crash related to client message sends.
  • [BF2] Fixed the launch prompt to be present after timing out or selecting cancel while joining a server.
  • [BF1][BF2] Fixed password-locked games to no longer appear via the Quick Match option.

Control Schemes

  • [BF1] Fixed a crash when entering the split screen menu in BF1 where Player 1 would incorrectly be assigned to Player 2.
  • [BF2] Fixed a crash that would occur when attempting to build fleets while using Mouse and Keyboard in Galactic Conquest on BF2.
  • [BF2] Fixed bonuses to be able to be highlighted in the Bonus Selection screen in Galactic Conquest.
  • [BF1][BF2] Fixed Invert Y-Axis option to be visible.
  • [BF1][BF2] Fixed the options for Flip X-Axis and Swap LS and RS to be unhidden
  • [BF1][BF2] Fixed split screen games to be able to be started when only one controller is connected.


  • [BF1] Fixed an issue where the 'L' button prompt would overlap the top arrow on the Instant Action menu.
  • [BF1] Fixed an issue in multiplayer mode where AI units would slide when not in direct sight of a human player.
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where the zoom-in scope crosshair image would not appropriately fit widescreen displays.
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where hit VFX and hit character animations could not be seen by clients in Hero Assault mode. (long range).
  • [BF2] Fixed textures on Utapau map.
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue on the Kamino map in BF2 where the lights and bloom VFX within were not displaying properly.
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue on the Endor: Bunker map in BF2 where a tree was clipping up through the middle of a walkway.
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where a seam in the skybox was visible on some maps in Battlefront 2.
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue on the Naboo map in BF2 where the railing texture was missing.
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue on Space maps in BF2 where a small white cube was present at the base of all openable doors on Republic, CIS, and Rebel capital ships.
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue on the Galactic Conquest screen in BF2 where a player’s name and their credit count would be overlapped by bonus boxes on the Bonus tab.
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where the ESC menu would stay on the screen if it was opened at the end of a match.
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue in Galactic Conquest where the hilt from the lightsaber icon would not show the Leader bonus.
  • [BF2] Fixed units sliding after respawn on XL maps.
  • [BF2] Fixed the jetpack gauge to correctly align.
  • [BF2][Split screen] Fixed the ammo counter reticle to fit inside the aiming reticle.
  • [BF1][BF2] The colorblind mode selection screen no longer overlaps with the text at the bottom of the screen.
  • Fixed the Quit and Register Your Game buttons to align correctly.

Hero Assault

  • Re-Balanced Asajj Ventress' abilities
  • Fixed Kit Fisto lightsaber to animate.
  • Fixed Kit Fisto's Force power to no longer remain stuck to the client in multiplayer.


  • [BF1][Audio] Fixed the Battlefront 1 loading screen sounds.
  • [BF2] Fixed a crash that occurred when an audio output device was disconnected.
  • [BF2] Fixed the music to play on several maps in the Hero Assault mode.
  • [BF2] Fixed blaster SFX for certain Hero characters' weapons to play at the correct volume.
  • [BF1][BF2] Fixed an issue where the audio outputs would reverse.

Other Notable Bug Fixes

  • [BF1] Fixed the soft locks upon finishing the game at the Victory screen.
  • [BF1] Fixed a bridge in Bespin: Cloud City to allow a Droideka to roll on it.
  • [BF2] Fixed Naboo Area 3’s respawn blocker.
  • [BF2] Fixed collision issues affecting multiple maps.
  • [BF2] Fixed the Assault gamemode to be present in the Mode section of the Pick Search Options menu.
  • [BF2] Fixed the reinforcements to correctly deduct 1 reinforcement when the Republic or Rebels die on Death Star.
  • [BF2] Fixed the Map and Mode settings reset button.
  • [BF1][BF2] Fixed the "Load Fail" error that occurred when loading a profile.

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