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Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection's Launch Isn't Going Smoothly

I've got a bad feeling about this.


Star Wars Battlefront: Classic Collection is now available for purchase, but Aspyr's compilation of the two multiplayer games from long (long!) ago has been criticized for launching with multiplayer issues and bugs. On Steam, various reviews from users claim the game is almost unplayable in its present state.

Users claim the game initially launched with only three 64-player servers for the thousands of people who purchased the game on PC and console. Aspyr did increase server capacity, but this only served to highlight other glaring issues in the Battlefront collection.

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"Was only able to join one Heroes vs. Villains match and the Hero's side was completely broken," Kamaji wrote in a Steam user review. "No one could join the Hero's team which resulted in no one to fight against. I figured this may have been just a Battlefront 2 issue so I hopped on over to play Battlefront 1 multiplayer. There [are] zero servers up for Battlefront F1. Wow."

Steam has hundreds of user reviews with similar complaints, and at the time of writing, Star Wars Battlefront: Classic Collection has a "Mostly Negative" review rating from 1,817 impressions. Of that number, only 20% of the reviews are positive.

On a technical level, the game has also come under fire for poor controls. "Aim controls make it unplayable in multiplayer," said Slyder768 on Reddit. "The complete lack of aim assist--there is one in solo--make it awful. It's been designed for controllers of the original Xbox era but the price point is high and nothing has been touched on this front."

GameSpot has contacted Aspyr for more information on the game's launch state.

Developer Aspyr has also been working on a remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, although it has been reported that the game is no longer in active development or has been delayed indefinitely following the firing of two lead developers at the studio. Following the sale of Saber Interactive this week, Aspyr is one of the handful of former Saber studios that'll remain with Embracer Group once the deal has been finalized.

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