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Star Wars Battlefront: Classic Collection Releasing On PC, PlayStation, Switch, And Xbox

A pair of Star Wars games focused on iconic battles and characters is coming back.


Star Wars Battlefront is getting a new lease on life. Announced during the Nintendo Partner Showcase, the Battlefront Classic Collection is releasing PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox, bringing back the first two Battlefront games, complete with additional and previously platform-exclusive content. It's releasing on March 14.

Battlefront is focused on massive battles for up to 64 players, spanning the original and prequel trilogies. The Classic Collection compiles them all into one set and includes extra content: Jabba's Palace in Battlefront 1, and Asajj Ventress, Kit Fisto, Bespin: Cloud City, Rhen Var: Harbor, Rhen Var: Citadel, and Yavin 4: Arena in Battlefront 2.

Battlefront Classic includes 17 maps in total, and Battlefront 2 goes bigger with 22 ground maps, six space maps, and nine more space maps that are exclusive to the campaign and galactic conquest modes. Multiplayer modes include conquest, CTF, hunt, and assault (space), and hero assault, where you can pit iconic Star Wars characters against each other. Plus you can play the campaigns as well as a variety of offline modes.

Shortly after the partner showcase, an official trailer announced it's coming to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms as well.

Star Wars Battlefront: Classic Collection is coming March 14, and preorders are now available.

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