Star Wars 7 Passes Avatar at US Box Office

Avatar had held the No. 1 spot for six years before The Force Awakens dethroned it today.


It's official. Disney's Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($761 million) is now the highest-grossing film of all-time at the US box office, surpassing Fox's Avatar ($760.6 million). That movie held the No. 1 spot for six years.

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Astonishingly, The Force Awakens needed just 20 days to reach the gross that Avatar took 318 days to accomplish, according to a box office report today from Deadline.

On a global scale, The Force Awakens has now made $1.56 billion, which makes it the No. 4 movie ever. To make it to No. 1, it will have to pass Jurassic World ($1.6 billion), Titanic ($2.2 billion), and Avatar ($2.8 billion).

For lots more on The Force Awakens and its record-setting performance, be sure to read Deadline's full report.

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